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Kelly and Jen, sitting in a tree

Out on the street, Jen gets into her car, and her team cheers as if they don't hate her, which they totally do, so I have no idea what that's about. Jen assures us that she didn't really pay attention to the car, even though it was nice, because she was working so darn hard. We watch as she calls Chris on the Space Communicator -- while he's driving, so that's nice and safe -- and tells him how they're doing this basketball game, and Chris Webber will be the emcee. Meanwhile, Kelly hops out at a traffic light and goes back to the van, where he hands off some paperwork through the window. And once he's told them to read and brainstorm and talk on the phone, Kelly calls out, "Love you guys!" And then there's this pause, and then John dryly says, "We love you too, Kelly," and Raj -- whom I usually find rather sketchy, but who was perfect in this particular situation -- says, "He loves us." Hee hee.

Kelly points out that his team -- the one he loves -- has basically no reason to do a good job for him, since he doesn't really have anything to hang over their heads. And also because he's an arrogant dink, but he doesn't say that. Thus, he wanted to give them tasks that they would at least sort of enjoy, in hopes that they would expend some level of effort. In the van, Raj and John are already planning ATV races. "I have no interest in Kelly's victory or defeat," Raj interviews. "Frankly, I'm not working for him. I'm doing this because I like winning. I couldn't give a damn about Kelly." Well, that's some sportsmanship for you. In the van, Raj tells Elizabeth and John that it bugs him that Kelly's up there in the car while he's back in the damn van. Maybe he would feel better if he renamed the van "Dreadnought."

Polo fields. The team hops out, and Kelly interviews that the Greenwich Polo Club is very, very lovely. They get themselves set up inside, and Kelly tells us that while he's never worked with Elizabeth, he's been told that she's very good as long as she has something fairly specific to work on. As Elizabeth starts actually working (horrors!), John interviews that he thinks Elizabeth is all power-hungry now because she was picked first, so he thinks she'll be all bossy. John insists that he and Raj, unlike Elizabeth, have nothing to prove. Uh, even though they all got equally fired, and Raj lost on a task that's supposed to be his specialty. And even though John was gone so early and made so little of an impression that documentary evidence is needed to prove he was ever actually on the show. Wait, was he? Chris Brandt, the managing director of the polo club, comes by to check in and meet the team. The big thing that's going on right now is that the Genworth logo is supposed to be painted on the polo field prior to the event. Add your own little "That's a great logo...for my horse to poop on!" joke.

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