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The women wash their faces. Tana asks Kendra what parting from her team was like, and Kendra talks about how warm and fuzzy it was. "I cried," she says. Tana says she "was like, 'see ya later, y'all.'" Because she hated her team, get it? And she thinks it's funny. Kendra ducks into one of the actual toilet stalls and asks Tana who it was who fought. "Kristen and everybody?" Hee. Tana walks away, leaving Kendra to call her name from the potty. That's a weird, brilliant maneuver, including that moment. Because it somehow brilliantly points up how Tana is such a bitch, and Kendra is such a nice, friendly girl. And it's all about the potty. You never know where you're going to find a metaphor.

The next day, Kendra and Tana pack their stuff and prepare to leave the L-Pal. Tana explains that she has "a perfect life," because she has a great husband and two kids she loves. Nevertheless, she wants "more," and she wants to "work for the best." Kendra, on the other hand, explains that she wants this job "more than anything." "I stopped my life," she says, "to come here. And today is my day." Tana interviews that she's fighting "somebody who had to go to school while I'm out making money." Kendra argues that she deserves the job more because she has "the complete package" -- the Book Smarts and the Street Smarts, as it were. Tana, grabbing her suitcase, says that the "high-school students have much more of an edge than the college students." She goes on: "We've fought for everything we've ever had." Did you know Tana did three years at the University of Virginia? She's not exactly carrying the banner for Dickensian scamps, here. "I don't sell cosmetics," Kendra says. "I buy and sell real estate." And while that comment is a little dismissive in its way, she's got a good argument that that distinction is relevant, because Trump works in real estate. She's not necessarily arguing that her experience is superior, so much as that it's related to the job in a way that Tana's isn't. They do a little more trash-talking, of which my favorite part is the part where Tana -- whose team hated her -- explains that she's a leader, and Kendra isn't. And then it is mercifully time to get out of the suite and into the Boardroom and stop listening to a bunch of yakking. Well, at least switch to a different kind of yakking. The part where Tana shuts up about being "a shark in a goldfish costume," because Tana? Shut up.

Ding! Tana and Kendra get off the elevator. They stroll into the Boardroom. Tana continues to struggle with appropriate business attire, as Kendra is in a suit, but Tana is in a khaki calf-length skirt, what looks like a black t-shirt, and a green suede jacket. She's business-casual, which is okay, but not for this, because it's not what everyone else wears. She just doesn't read rooms well, I'm telling you. Once they're seated, Trump makes his entrance. He welcomes Tana and Kendra, and of course, he has to remind us of the old Book/Street dichotomy that no one cares about.

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