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Trump asks Tana how she did managing her team. Unsurprisingly, she announces that her team was bad, and given how bad her team was, she thinks she "did a very good job." Carolyn raises the issue of the way Tana talked about her team. Trump asks her whether she shit-talked her team to Carolyn. "Yes, I did," Tana admits. He asks Carolyn to elaborate, and she says that at first, it was "Three Stooges" and "Dumb and Dumber" and such, but then she reminds Tana of how she insulted Chris to the other people at the event. She says that all that's going to do is make the sponsor nervous and concerned. Tana insists that it was Chris's fault, because he "completely changed things" from what she wanted. Trump asks her whether that's because Chris is "uncontrollable," or whether that's the result of "bad leadership." Tana hesitates, but eventually admits that she doesn't think Chris is "uncontrollable." What did Tana think of Kristen, Trump wants to know. "She was okay," Tana says. "But I just don't like the drama that she created." I suppose Tana doesn't mind that she's trying to act semi-diplomatic, but will eventually be seen on television in moments where she says many more nasty things than that.

Trump now asks who came up with the programs. Tana says it was Kristen. Did Tana like them? She splits the hair that she liked the outside cover. Carolyn asks why she didn't proof the program, and points out a line that characterizes someone as, "Five medals; won't swim, but is great on camera." Heh. Not intended for the crowd, that one. I think what Carolyn is doing by pointing this particular line out is indicating that these aren't obscure typos or things for which you should need a copy editor. They're not hard things to catch, provided you even skim your program ahead of time. Kendra's mouth falls open in horror, which looks fairly genuine and not for show. Tana says no, she did not proof the programs, because she decided to count on Kristen -- whom she believed to be an idiot, remember -- to get them right. Carolyn gives Tana an awesome, amused look.

Now, Trump wants to talk about the flag. Why was there no American flag? Tana says that she thought there was one there, in the box of world flags. Which I don't think is all that stupid, really. That's probably what I would have thought. Ack! I am sympathizing with Tana. Toothy, silly, flighty, hates-her-team Tana. I feel dirty.

Trump asks Kendra how her team did. "My team did better on this task than most of them did when they were vying to work for you." "Did you like them as people?" Trump asks. "Yes," Kendra says, saying that there was no fighting with the team. "They loved you," Trump declares, and Kendra almost starts crying again. She says that along this "hard road," she's gotten along with some people and not with others, but ultimately, she feels like it ended "with grace and tact." In some kind of weird, passive-aggressive gesture, Tana shoves a tissue at Kendra and sort of snorts, "There you go. There you go." Kendra graciously takes it, ignoring the obvious dig, and pretend-dabs her eyes, while Trump says, "That's okay," because he knows Tana is being a dink. I can't imagine what possessed Tana to do anything that looked that petty, by the way -- she wasn't doing all that badly until right there, at least in Boardroom performance. Now? She sucks even more. Trump assures Kendra there's nothing wrong with crying. ["I found that comment quite touching, for some reason. It was so…paternal." -- Sars] "Your team really loved you," he stresses. "I will tell you that. I was surprised." Kendra responds that she likes to inspire people to get the best out of them, and it's awfully nice when it actually works that way. Trump asks how Kendra handled the sponsors, and she says she treated them as the number-one priority. She says things started off well, but Danny "scared them." George stops her and goes back, digging for something negative to say about her even though he obviously, openly thinks very highly of her. He challenges her on the fact that when they arrived for the meeting, she in fact was not there. Kendra agrees, but she says that she didn't realize Danny was going to hold that meeting. Trump says she should have known that Danny "was a loose cannon" and kept a closer eye on him. "After that particular moment," Kendra says, "I definitely did." I'm thinking that's a better answer than "Danny sucks, so I paid no attention to him." George returns to the question of why she would have left Danny with the sponsors, and Kendra says she scheduled the time, and didn't realize Danny would grab them, despite never being told that he should do that.

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