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Anyway, Kendra returns things to a more professional, less fucked-up state of affairs, refusing to rise to the bait and just saying, "I think that I am better suited to be the Apprentice than Tana." George asks her if this is because of her education. Kendra says her education is a help. But it's because she has "the total package." Kendra also points to her record -- she says that she won three times as PM, and Tana's loss (on the Bedazzler task) was to her. Kendra also points out her long winning streak. Tana counters, quite fairly, that Kendra also hung back and waited to be PM until everyone else had done it. "It was my strategy," Kendra says openly, and I'm a little shocked that Tana doesn't pick up on that, but she doesn't.

Asked whether she thinks Kendra is "better" than she is, Tana says she does not. She adds again that she has more waiting at home than Kendra (irrelevant; SHUT IT), which seems like just about the weakest possible point to wrap up on. Trump congratulates both of them for being here and being so awesome (read: TV-worthy), and he asks them to wait outside. When they're gone, Trump asks Carolyn for thoughts. Carolyn lies that she thinks it's "a very difficult decision." She says that Tana is "an incredibly nice person," but that Kendra "led her team very well." George says they're both good, and "have admirable traits." He also says that they were both given really difficult tasks and handled them well. "They're pretty amazing," Trump agrees. And he's got gold undies, so he knows from "amazing."

Just then, we see the six former employees get off the elevator. Ding! They head into the Boardroom, and we choose this very odd moment for the separation between this week's episode and next week's. Thus, we leave Kendra and Tana sitting on the couch in the lobby, looking stressed out.

Next week: The big finale. The big, big, big finale.

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