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Games of the video and Olympic varieties

Over at Team Tana, Tana is sitting down giving orders, telling Kristen to be in charge of the brochures for the event. Tana says that Kristen was assigned to put in a bio for each of her (meaning Tana's) Olympians. We watch Kristen describe how she wants to lay out the brochure, and Tana explains that it sounded great to her. "This is a real big important...and we can't screw this one up," Tana says to Kristen, about the brochure that everyone in the building is going to be receiving. Yep, "real big important." Just remember that. I also love how Tana has carefully set up a desk she can sit behind, even though it's totally not that kind of place, just because she likes to be cool and thinks this will help. (Not!)

In the arena, Brian and Chris, playing the part of Chipsters down to their white ball caps, are supervising the raising of a banner. Some guy tries to tell them that something about the pipe they're hanging it from isn't right, and Brian, invested as always in the pursuit of excellence, says, "You know what? It's close enough for government work." Oh, one of my favorite expressions. That's why the Washington Monument has a book propping it up on one side. And they talk about some other banners, with Brian deciding they won't be too exact about those either, so those guys are sort down to their potential. Way to go, nimrods! Go out with a bang.

Kristen comes striding toward them as her Witch Music plays. Chris refers to Kristen as "a spaz," and is sure she's going to have something to say to them, even though they're trying to walk away from her. She does indeed have something to say, and she tries to correct them about the placement of some flag or other. Chris, who has apparently forgotten that he is on TV and will be judged for this in life if not by Trump, makes fun of her for caring how the banners look, basically. He doesn't know yet, obviously, that he will one day be arrested for being a dink and will need all the help he can get to rehabilitate his reputation. Anyway, Kristen tells them that there are places the banners are supposed to go, and then Brian bitches in an interview about how Kristen originally had responsibility for the programs, and then started getting on them about the signs. "It's just mass confusion," Brian insists. Tana comes out and finds Kristen fussing with some of the signs, and Chris complaining about it. Chris tells Tana to tell Kristen to go away. Tana, totally avoiding any responsibility or doing anything supervisory, just passes along the message, saying that Kristen told her that the guys are doing it wrong. Brian says that that's fine, then -- they'll just leave and Kristen can do the flags. Tana now repeats this to Kristen, still offering no solution, just trying to report what Brian says, because apparently in Tana's version of diplomacy, you're really just a simultaneous translator. At any rate, Kristen is already gone. Tana says in an interview that she's frustrated with her team, and she just hopes nothing goes wrong tomorrow during their great big day. "I can't count on these people!" she exclaims miserably.

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