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The next morning, Tana gets her team out of bed. Tana interviews that she was "excited," and she wanted the entire team to go over to the venue together. She combs her hair while telling the team that they have to go take care of a bunch of stuff, so they should all keep moving. As Tana complains loudly to her team that she's given them 45 minutes to get ready, Kendra gets set in the bathroom, looking rather unfazed. Tana now loudly announces that if the team doesn't do what she says, it will "set [her] off," and she'll just "be really irritated the rest of the day." "TANA!" Kristen yells in a raw, morning voice. "You have to understand how other people work well, too!" Trying hard to get her team off to a positive start to the day, Tana gripes to her other employees, "This is the biggest sign of disrespect anybody could show." Chris cautions her that everyone is already tired, and tells her not to "get pissed off." But in an interview, Tana is already putting down her team, bitching about how "selfish" they all are because they're not moving fast enough. "It infuriates me," she says.

It's not that she doesn't have a point, but when people don't have any reason to want to help you, bullying doesn't work. You have to know at all times what your resources are and aren't, and Tana is acting like a bullying boss with actual power over these people, and that's not what she is. She's essentially someone who needs a favor. ["Well, and it's first thing in the damn morning. Given that most people would not describe themselves as 'morning people,' maybe this isn't a battle you want to pick." -- Sars] Not that she's keeping this in mind when she stands at the door of the L-Pal and orders, "Kristen and Brian, please come now." Team Tana leaves, destined for a happy, happy day in which many daisies will be picked, undoubtedly.

Later, we move to Team Kendra's limo, where Kendra is in the back seat on the Space Communicator. She explains in an interview that because EA was providing Fight Night 2 as their game, there's going to be a boxing ring, and...some's this whole thing. You have just heard approximately my entire store of boxing knowledge, as well as Kendra's. We watch as the boxing ring is assembled inside the hall. Kendra, nervous about the responsibilities she'll have later, tries not to sound stupid while asking how one gets into the ring. She learns that you can crawl through the ropes or go over the top. She interviews that it's a "mad rush," and she's just trying to juggle all the demands as well as she can. She oversees the hanging of banners, which is apparently one of the iconic sub-tasks of this main task. Twenty-first century corporate yutz-hood is all about banners.

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