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Chris then approaches Tana and tells her that he needs her to round up the athletes for something he needs to explain to them. She keeps nodding and smiling and saying she knows, and then when Chris is gone, she turns to the guy behind her and says with disgust, "He's tryin' to tell the boss how to do the job." The guy is unamused, but she doesn't notice. "Jiminy," she says, "I'm gonna punch somebody." Elsewhere, NYC2012 Amy and her compadre are discussing the fact that things look so unorganized that the athletes are wandering around not knowing what to do, and some people may have left, thinking it was over. Tana is busy glad-handing Bruce Jenner, telling him how she's going to be the next Apprentice, because it went so swimmingly. "It just could not have gone any better," Tana insists in an interview. "I got this job," she says with a clownish grin. Her powers of noticing everyone hating her are shockingly weak, I notice. Medals are handed out, and the audience is thanked. I think no one in the room thinks it "couldn't have gone any better" except Tana.

And now, we move to Webster Hall for Kendra's event. People are standing around playing the boxing videogame. In my favorite clip of the episode, Carolyn and George are standing watching the proceedings when he idly turns to her and says, "Want to fight?" Carolyn doesn't move for a second. Then all at once, she giggles, spins toward him, and puts up her dukes, right there in her cream-colored suit. This, in turn, makes George laugh. Bring on The Carolyn And George Show! I would totally watch that. Eat popcorn! Bring a date!

Kendra gives Erin a little guidance on setting up the ropes to guide the people upstairs. Kendra next heads over to introduce herself to Fabolous, the rap artist who's working on the event as the emcee. She graciously thanks him, and then we watch Carolyn have a chat with PlayStation Amy. Amy says that everything looks good. Kendra then passes along to one of the event guys what is probably her best idea -- when Trump arrives, she wants a spotlight to follow him in. Oh, yes. He will like that, I believe. Unless there's a possibility of riding in on the back of an alligator, I think that's about as good as she'll do by Trump. Kendra says that this entire thing is like "running the longest marathon of [her] life." I KNOW HOW SHE FEELS. Trump, outside, arrives in his limo, As he heads in, everyone cheers, pretending to care, as people always do with Trump. Kendra and Trump are in the ring, and then Trump is introducing Fabolous, whom Trump calls "Fab-oo-lus." Trump explains that his daughter is a big Fab-oo-lus fan, and turns over the mike. Fab-oo-lus welcomes everyone to the championships, no doubt feeling kind of like a tool, but what are you going to do? Trump rings the bell, and much videogaming ensues. Kendra talks about all the plasma screens and the big screen, and how the winner will win a big prize from Best Buy. She thinks the event is going great. Downstairs, Trump is trying out the game. I'm sure anyone he'd like will let him win for a small payment. I would certainly throw a game to Donald Trump if he gave me even one of his buildings. Well, one that isn't losing money.

Fab-oo-lus announces the final round. We are treated to many adoring shots of Fight Night 2, and then it is over. Kendra thanks the sponsors from the ring, and thanks everyone for coming. She stresses in an interview that the point of the task was to make the sponsors happy, and she thinks she did that. "We pulled it off," she says. Trump quite heartily, and clearly quite genuinely, congratulates Kendra on doing a great job.

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