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The court of public Trumpinion

And now, the Self-Destruction of the Tananator begins in earnest. Tana jumps in, saying that on that task, she was "the reason that the Pontiac CEOs loved that brochure." See, we were denied the information that Tana is the one who came up with the idea to make the brochure round. …Round! Tana's idea! To make it round! What I love is that the audience at this suck-up fest actually starts booing her, which is, like, amazing, like someone being openly booed on fucking American Idol. The crowd openly booing one of the final two? Shocking. Anyway, Tana says you can ask Kendra, and Kendra says that Tana did "come up with the idea that it should be a circle." "Thank you! Thank you!" Tana yells as her smallish contingent in the audience cheers. And then she starts to loudly applaud herself. And then she pumps her fist. Tana crazy! Trump says that until that point, he hadn't been aware that Tana was behind the round shape. "Thank you!" Tana says, thrusting her fist out again. "I knew it!" Trump says the shape was part of the reason Pontiac liked it, and Tana starts leaning right over Kendra towards Trump, pointing her finger and insisting that the fact that it was round was the reason -- meaning the only reason -- it was successful. Yep. Nothing to do with the striking colors, the awesome photographs, the spare but effective copy, that great front cover that incorporated the grill… no. Just the fact that it was round. That was the whole thing. Anyway, she continues yelling about "the shape, baby!", and she's pumping her fist harder and harder, and she looks more and more like a total loon. "The shape!" she yells again. "Was the reason that they loved it!" And her insane harping on this one point is just about the most desperate, inappropriate, can't-read-the-room thing she could possibly have done, really. Up until this point, she was really just kind of a little much, and sort of a bitch. Now, she's a nutbar.

"DON'T GET ME STARTED!" Tana says aggressively toward Trump. "THAT SHAPE IS THE REASON THAT THEY LOVED IT! AND I DIDN'T GET CREDIT! AND CRAIG DIDN'T GET CREDIT!" Tana asks Kendra how she responds, and Tana keeps making snorty noises, like, "I bet you weren't ready for the fist-pumping part, bizznatch! Let's see you eat some of that chili!" Tana even cuts off Kendra from answering, saying she was determined to make sure Trump knew this. About the Pontiac thing being a circle, in case you forgot as soon as she started pumping her fist. Apparently, this was the one good idea she's had? It's so stupid, because what does this have to do with what have been the most persistent criticisms of her? Nobody ever said she didn't have any ideas; they said she was horrible with people…like she's being right now. Nothing proves you're personable quite like fist-pumping, I guess. Anyway, Trump refers to Tana's approach as "very aggressive," which Tana totally thinks is a compliment, and Tana gets all, "I'm a little freaked out," in kind of her "bling-bling," "we be talkin'" voice, and this is like a world gone mad at this point.

Anyway. Kendra could not be less fazed by this display of insanity, saying that the shape was definitely "an important element." "But," she says, "there were photographs, there were colors, there was writing, there was a continuity." And that, right there, is a really good explanation of why the brochure was good -- not so much "there were colors" and stuff, but the "continuity" part. That was it exactly. That thing hung together in a thematic and visual way that went far, far beyond its being a circle. I know, I'm kind of trying to introduce rationality into what is clearly an explosion of something far darker, but stay with me. Because it's almost over. Tana is actually trying to talk again, some more, determined to make the entire fucking show about the Pontiac brochure, which it just isn't, and Trump doesn't care that much, so he tells them that we'll just assume they both did well on that task. Tana's problem here, in part, is that she was on camera saying that she was going to bed because she was exempt. The damage, in that respect, is pretty much done. How are you going to argue you contributed fully when we saw you saying you were going to bed because you couldn't be fired?

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