Into The Stretch (3)

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The court of public Trumpinion

I'm sweating, people! Time for a commercial!

When we return, we are nearing the moment of truth at last. Trump tells the two that he's known them "for a long while." He insists that they're both winners, especially the one of them that's going to win, presumably. Trump goes on to explain that in his eyes, Tana was sucky to her team, and that's not good. He thinks Chris was too nice about it, really. However, earlier on, he felt that Tana was "a star." "More so, I think, than Kendra." But Kendra, on the other hand, on the final two tasks, "stepped up to the plate and just knocked it out of the stadium." He turns to Tana. "She was fantastic. Would you admit that?" Rather than say yes, as she should, Tana tries to clarify the question, and Trump just asks her if she's admit that Kendra did great in the last two weeks, which Trump points out is his version of "crunch time," baby! Tana goes along halfheartedly. Trump now turns to Kendra. "I hated the fact that you cried," he says. He does allow, though, that it's kind of awesome to cry over people you used to hate. He says it less well than that, though. "You had a great sort of a team going. It was amazing what you did with that team. Very much the opposite of Tana. And for that reason, I'm saying Kendra, you're hired."

Kendra explodes with the gush and grins her toothy grin. She and Tana hug, and one of them says something about it being an honor, which makes me need a drink, all things considered. Kendra walks over to the bench and shakes hands with Trump, thanking him for picking her over the crazy lady. She then shakes hands with George and Bill, and Carolyn and Kelly. Kendra's party in New York goes wild. She hugs her Magnamian teammates. She hugs a bunch of random Net Worthians and her family and stuff. Trump tells her that her eeny, teeny Pontiac Solstice awaits. He tells her to go and get her car. And don't come back! Just kidding. But he does say he wants to tell us what a great season it was, and Apprentice 4 will be on in the fall, and there will be a Broadway musical (!), and don't forget to watch the Martha version!

Well, that was an unexpected ending. I'm certainly glad it was worth 17 episodes and a clip show. I hardly know what to say.

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