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The court of public Trumpinion

Trump turns immediately to Tana. "You lost control of your team," he tells her. "Absolutely not," she cuts in. Because this was not a question, Trump ignores her response and goes on. "You laughed at your team. You called them the Three Stooges." Tana says that she "did poke fun," and Trump wants to know why. He doesn't believe in making fun of your employees, after all. He thinks you should just call them total losers and be up front about it. Tana calls the trash-talking "a mistake on [her] part," because she kind of has to. The stooges are in the room, after all. It's not like she can start talking about which one is the Shemp.

Tana does everything she can to suck up in case her team is asked to comment on her performance, saying that she couldn't have done the task without her team's help, which would be a lot more convincing if she hadn't been not only shit-talking them to Carolyn endlessly, but also insulting them to everyone she could find at the event. This is one of those "how dumb do you think we are?" moments that make you wonder whether people hear themselves. Or see themselves on television. Or read about themselves on the internet, not that I recommend that. The fact is that nothing she says now is going to make up for those little faces she was making for the camera behind Kristen's back and all of that. I mean, talking about how you "had to depend on these three idiots" is not the kind of thing you can later claim you were saying to rally the troops. Tana says she shouldn't have "judge[d] them on their previous experience," which is a hilarious and passive-aggressive way of saying they still sucked, but she shouldn't have assumed the sucking would continue. I think she honestly believes that she's being called out for misjudging them, which is totally not the point. Idiots or not, stooges or not, Trump is talking about how she talked to and about them, not whether she correctly assessed their talents or lack thereof.

Incidentally, my favorite thing happening over in the jury box while Tana tries to dig out of this particular hole is that Audrey is looking at Tana like, "Are you fucking kidding me?" Angie is smiling a little bit encouragingly, and the rest of them are stone-faced, but Audrey is unmistakably amused. Tana tells Trump that her team "pulled through," which is apparently why she complained in the Boardroom about how bad her team was. Does she forget about the part where she was already on camera? Talking about this stuff? After the fact?

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