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The court of public Trumpinion

Kendra has more, though: "I learned very quickly in business that one person is quickly trampled by the right team." Like Tana was! Although that was her own team, and I'm not sure that's what Kendra means by "right team," but it was still funny. Instead, Kendra says that she had the "right team" herself, and she was "touched." They trampled her! Or they trampled Tana. Does "trample" belong in this discussion? Because I sort of can't stop saying it myself. Trample! Maybe it's because it sounds like "tramp." I am so tired. Okay, so Kendra says she felt pride and stuff, even. Trump admits immediately that the crying about which he just complained was "a pretty nice cry." Which he said last week. Why are we here? WHY? I NEED A MARGARITA!

And now. Trump goes over to Kristen, who is now blonde, which looks ridiculous on her. He says to her, "Kristen, she cried, in a certain way, over you. What did you think? What did you think of Kendra?" Now, of course, Kristen wasn't on Kendra's team and doesn't know Kendra, so Kristen sits there like she's thinking somebody is about to tap Trump and tell him that he meant to say "Erin." Or else he meant to say "Tana." Or else he meant to waggle his fingers in his ears and sing "Camptown Races." But nobody provides any reminders. So Kristen just sits. Un! Comfortable! "Come on," Trump repeats impatiently. "Kristen." Somebody tries to bail out the big guy by softly saying, "Erin?" but Trump says, "No, I'm talking to Kristen." Because he is a trifle confused, but that doesn't make him any less determined, which is how many of his extremely not-successful casinos have been built. Poor Kristen has to soldier on, because she just kind of…does, but Trump does hedge just slightly at the end, saying, "What did you think of Kendra, what did you think of Tana?" Kendra almost looks like she's about to correct Trump herself, then she thinks better of it. Because perhaps that's not the best foot to put forward, the correcting-Trump foot. Kristen gamely wanders into the muck of answering this question, saying that she has, ahem, "never worked with Kendra before." She talks about working with Tana, and says Tana "did a great job," and claims that Olympians came up and claimed it was "one of the best events they've ever been to." The small pro-Tana contingent in the crowd cheers anemically. You can hear individual "woo!"s, though, so you know it's not much. So, Trump says, it sounds like Kristen thought Tana did well. Kristen says she did, and talks admiringly about Tana's decision to "humble [her]self" and admit she was wrong. Is it real humility when you still want something? I'm thinking it's not. I'm telling you, I can't see accepting that apology. It's not like Tana lost her temper with them. She sat around afterwards saying that she did the entire thing herself and there was "no love," and she talked all day about how they were all "idiots," and she made all those faces…why accept her apology? I'd be tempted to tell her to go get bent, myself. ["It's telling also that the apology wasn't repeated on-camera. Tana said she apologized, but she merely told us that; she didn't apologize again, so it came off all, 'What? I said I was sorry.'" -- Sars]

Now, Erin is asked about Kendra. Erin does not share Kristen's bad hair situation nor Kristen's fundamental tentativeness. Erin thinks Kendra was "inspiring," and says with enthusiasm that when she was fired, she and Kendra weren't even speaking, but they wound up doing great. She manages not to even say it with her teeth clenched, like Kristen did. Erin reminds Trump that the returning "employees" basically had no reason to give a damn, and somehow, the Magnamians wound up giving a damn. That actually is fairly high praise; more than "she did a good job apologizing for ridiculing us on national television." "We certainly weren't stooges," Erin says, getting her dig in, "we were valued employees." Michael starts to applaud, and Kendra makes this really funny face like, "Dude, that was so awesome! You rule!" and applauds a little herself, but with her arms mostly out, like she's clapping at Erin. You know who else claps? Brian. The "stooge." Ohhhh, burn! Maybe Tana's apology wasn't 100 percent effective.

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