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Lesson Seven: Speak My Language

Wait, I forgot option three -- I always do this! -- which is: "Trump is either disabled in some way, or completely out of his fucking gourd." Instead of addressing either Charmaine's disloyalty and constant undermining of the Lenny Monolith, or the fact that his color choices weren't smart (and I feel strongly that this is an editing thing, because it's not a huge hop to what he says next, but it's funnier when they cut right to him talking instead of making it make sense): "You like red because you're from Russia!" They laugh about that for a while, and it's embarrassing as ever.

Trump asks Charmaine if she thinks Lenny's a good businessman, and she answers much as I would. In fact, I think he's a very good businessman, and a good man period. "I'm sure -- but in terms of leading and managing a team, he wasn't effective on this task." Lenny -- linguistics rears its ugly head once more -- both hears this as "[general negativity directed toward Lenny]," as we'll see in a sec, but also takes the bad rhetoric way out: "How can you say I'm a good businessman but a bad leader?" Considering she said neither, do I have to tell you what happens next? Whatever, Charmaine tries to tell him about the "on this task" that he didn't hear because he was too busy reacting to his feeling of badness about what she said, and not what she actually said. This "feeling of badness/goodness" has its place, because you have to assume all managers react this way, because they don't think as fast as you think they do, so you have to lead with the positive, or the not-negative at least, because they stop listening right then. No matter if they're Russian, you're Southern, whatever. Ears stop working when you ask them to do shit they can't do.

"Charmaine, who would you fire?" Of course, Lenny. Trump ribs Leslie about her Schrödinger level of involvement with this show we call The Apprentice, and she bitches about how she's not really that FUTR, even though she is, and then threatens -- charmingly, and not in a way that offends anyone, especially Trump -- to beat him in "swimming, tennis and volleyball," in such a way that he's completely charmed by it. Everybody giggles, Carolyn and Bill smile of course because Trump's laughing, and then Leslie noncommittally says that ultimately "the PM" should get the cobra because "he led us and we lost." Leslie, help me out here. Trump tells Tarek, mentioning Mensa, to explain the loss. Tarek smiles wonderfully and does a good job of not coming off like the prick he can often be, about how the theme was okay but underdeveloped, and mentions also that he, Leslie, and Charmaine laid down the entire floor without the Lenny/Lee Omnibus Being, and it took hours.

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