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Lesson Seven: Speak My Language

Trump tells the Viceroys that Charmaine was "absolutely right with every point," which, say what you will, but as usual, in terms of strictly the facts, she was -- so it was between Lenny and Lee, and that was not a close contest. Carolyn says, and for once I don't feel like I really know what she's implying, that "in that case," it was "easy," and Bill says some pointless prayer to the ineffable rightness of Trump, and in the Crazy Taxi Lenny returns the favor of Lee's hyperfocus on him, talking about he wishes everybody luck, "Especially Lee," and then talks about Lee's doomed ass for a good long while like he's even possibly going to win. Lessons learned are bitsy this week: speak their language, don't expect them to speak yours. Identify what they're not hearing you say, and say it in a way they can understand. And don't think you're a martyr: it's your responsibility to say things in a way other people can understand. We're not in your dialect, you're in ours.

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