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Lesson Seven: Speak My Language

Bill shows up at the GR rec room and asks where Lenny is. The answer is, it would appear, fucking around. Lee and Lenny walkie to Charmaine: "Is everything done?" Which, they should both be fired for even saying that shit on camera. Charmaine's like, "Are you fucking joking? We're not even close to done." Lenny takes the walkie from Lee: "Why is that?" He really plays the "I'm forceful and demanding but only because everybody else is fucking around" card a lot, doesn't he. Charmaine loses a bit of cool: "What do you mean, 'Why is that'? Tarek, Leslie and I are furiously laying down some tile, but there's only three of us here!" Yeah, she seems to have been maybe putting on a little show for Bill, but I can hardly blame her at this point. Bill watches as Lenny walkies that they'll be there in thirty minutes, and Tarek -- also putting on a little show -- says that Lenny is "lucky" that he and the ladies are working so hard, because they "could have let this" become a total disaster, in his absence. Which is a sign of ugly thinking, but also: Lenny's going to think they did that no matter how well they do. Tarek interviews that Lenny and Lee have been out looking for music equipment while the others have been working their tails off, and still "nothing is done," and Lenny cannot conceive "how dire" the situation actually is, because Lenny's idea of delegation is letting any random person clean up his mess, and that's just how he's always going to roll.

Lenny and Lee -- with some stupid Russian samovar-scented music -- drive around aimlessly in their van full to the roof of immensely breakable and expensive musical equipment, and they have a really irritating conversation where Lee will say, "Turn left," and Lenny says, "No, U-turn," and Lee says, "No, turn left," and Lenny says, "Like I said, turn left, asshole" and gets more and more frustrated and more and more boring, still playing this role for himself where everyone is so irritatingly off-message and wasting time and fucking with him, because his own incompetence is not ever a factor. Not even incompetence -- just simple common wrongness about a given thing. He's not a stupid man, but operating from a position that everything you say is right and everybody else is your enemy presents a problem or two. They finally arrive at the rec room, and Lenny starts issuing orders left and right, and Charmaine says that the execs will be there in twenty minutes, and interviews that he's crazy to think it can be done. Charmaine tells Lenny that she can't clear this area he told her to clear, because the junk is actually too heavy for her to lift. Instead of seeing that this is obviously true and delegating her something else, he again bitches at her about how "we don't have time for this," and interviews that she's "so negative" and "complaining all the time" and that they "don't have time" and that she needs to "stop talking!" I'm sure that it's editing in part, but...have we seen her say anything that isn't a verifiable fact?

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