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Trump asks Arsenio if he would replace Aubrey with Dayana. Arsenio hesitates, but picks Aubrey. More fighting! Dayana asks Lisa how many languages she speaks and why she cries so much. And THEN she's all, "Where's your respect for Project Manager?" That's ... not a thing that's inherent? Again, Dayana seems to think that leadership consists of her saying "I'm Project Manager" a billion times and everybody being like "Yes, you are! I will totally put on a hippie costume to sing this doo-wop song!"

Finally, Clay would like to speak, and Trump plays a little joke on him by cutting him off after two words. Clay talks up Lisa and says Dayana was a problem. They had to give her a "crash course in musicology" so that she could choose the style they wanted.

After the Lil' Trumps go over what the Good Sam exec thought of the performances. Then the big man announces that Good Sam "strongly" thought that Unanimous were the winners. I...don't entirely see it, actually, but I guess the guy really didn't like how old-fashioned Forte was. Whatever, more fuel for my "Aubrey Should and Will Win" theory.

The You're-Fired-ing:
This goes quicker than usual, because there's no decision of who to bring back. Also, obviously Dayana is getting fired, come on. Trump basically said this last week. Ivanka does pipe up that Lisa's animosity could make Lisa impossible to lead, but Dayana should have "neutralized" her rather than poked at her. Trump: "Doesn't Dayana being Miss Universe mean she would be awesome at a task like this? Because of her great showmanship?" Clay: "Um? No."

Trump asks Clay if Dayana was a problem because she was absent for much of the task (as the Good Sam exec noted). Clay says, "It was tough because she WASN'T absent," and then goes into the micromanaging issue. And on this, Trump is SOLD. Clay really buries Dayana way more effectively than Lisa's badgering. Trump tries to cushion her fall, but come on. It's over. "You're a fabulous woman, you're a beautiful woman" but Dayana is so fired.

The after-boardroom hug between Dayana and Lisa is seriously awkward, but not more than Lisa saying, "You're a good person." She's not NOT a good person, but...

Next week: Marlee Matlin! Double elimination! Bye, Teresa!

Joe R never wants to run into that Good Sam mascot for as long as he lives. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at, and you can listen to him yammer on to his heart's content on the Extra Hot Great podcast.

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