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Finally Understanding Nothing

Over at Plan B, things are really stupid. The celebrities (the real live ones) are taking pictures of guests standing next to cut-outs of them. The glare of the sun reflects off the cut-out, it doesn't seem fun or logical. You go to Universal Orlando with hopes of seeing and experiencing real celebrities, not cut-outs of them. No one wants to say "this picture of me standing next to a Marilu Henner cut-out was taken by Marilu Henner."

Plan B did come up with a slogan, prominently displayed in the backdrop with the logo: "Family Fun that Lasts Forever!" To give these people what they really came for, Gary Busey starts taking pictures away from or just in front of the photo experience. Then Marilu Henner tells everyone what day of the week they were born on because she has some kind of disorder that makes it impossible for her to forget. That's a thing.

The delightful Trump sons visits Plan B and Don Jr. doesn't seem very impressed. At least they are dressed the same. Over at Team Power, families are trying to fit into spaces about three feet wide, which simply won't work with America's obesity epidemic. To add to the chaos, confusion, and space problems, there's a celebrity in each section, asking people to carry and wear crap from the gift shop.

The Universal executives roll in to Plan B's photo experience, and Gary pounces on them with, "I'm the Cat in the Hat and I love you." There's lots of nodding and smiling. Then all the celebrities get up and take a picture with the executives, in front of cardboard cutouts of themselves. There is no one else around, they could barely find someone to take the picture.

Over at Team Power, the executives arrive to a long line of people waiting to go through the photo experience to see what celebrities await them in each cupboard. They play along, even though that one executive didn't want to be assigned to Slytherin.

In the board room, Dee tells Donald Trump he is very proud of his team and that everyone listened because it's what he knew how to make them do. Marilu disagrees, and notes that Gary is a distraction. Gary disagrees, and says everyone did their best. Penn says he would fire Dee as the Project Manager, and the rest of the team agrees.

Talking to Omarosa, who is confident, it becomes clear that Dennis is her next target. She handles Donald Trump's questions so effectively though, she won't have to throw anyone under yet. Brande contends that she likes a more light and fun managerial style, which seemed to almost get her fired in the last task. They talk about Omarosa as a Project Manager, and they all agree that Omarosa is tough and mean and horrid, but probably relatively effective.

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