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Finally Understanding Nothing

The teams look at each other's photo experiences, and determine that celebrities are all awful at coming up with effective, fun photo experiences. Don Jr. notes that while the executives liked the brand messaging from Plan B, the fun would be lost once the celebrities left and people were more interested in taking pictures with the live celebrities than interacting with the photo stage.

Omarosa's team gets docked for covering up "Orlando Resort" with the film strip, but everything else was good. The teams argue about who had the best photo experience, and Dee is holding strongly onto the "use of celebrity." Then, Donald goes off on his hair and tries to get compliments from all the celebrities trying to suck up to him until Dennis Rodman shouts, "can we know who won?"

"Dee, congratulations, you lost," Donald Trump says, delighting in his new fakeout. Omarosa bursts into tears, on behalf of her late fiancé. It is actually kind of endearing. She gets $40,000 for Michael Clarke Duncan's memory.

Team Power goes into the green room and La Toya suggests Omarosa get some tissues. No one believes her emotion, though, since they have been trained to distrust Omarosa inherently.

In the board room, Penn defends some of his ideas that never happened and Donald says he thinks that "woulda been great." Dee says everyone else is intimidated by the magnitude of Penn's ideas. Penn offers that he was supportive as possible and backed down the instant Dee made his decision. He's good. Then, Donald does another fake-out, firing Penn as a joke for not pursuing his ideas.

Dee identifies Gary as his weakest team member, and everyone else argues against that. In the green room, Omarosa says Dee is going after the wrong person. He should be going after Stephen Baldwin, who is kind of dumb. Dee says the two people he would bring back might not be a reflection on this task, which is even worse. He then identifies Stephen Baldwin as an untrustworthy fly in the ointment. He also chooses to take Gary back.

Dee is criticized for the guest experience he didn't provide, and Dee honestly admits that he saw what happened last season when people got fired for not playing Donald's reindeer games. Donald says he doesn't want to fire Dee, but then fires him. Gary and Stephen don't have to say anything. The elevator doors close on Dee, and he doesn't have to deal with this nonsense anymore.

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