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Lesson Twelve: Go With Your Gut

Don: "Either way it's still a crazy diatribe of facts and madness."
Heidi: "Either way that's not the point, but fucking fine. I wrote down the words that eventually had to go into the brochure, because we both managed our time poorly. If that's really the point, if Kristine being the one to type the numbers she didn't type, if the physical act of writing is the problem here, then yes."
Frank: "You just told him I wrote it! A second ago, when you said nothing of the sort!"
Heidi: "No, I fucking didn't. Are you playing stupid at this point?"
Trump: "Frank's ham-fisted emergent linguistic structures are working their magic. Women are liars. He's painting you as a liar and you're too smart to come down and tell us why you're not lying. It's not working. I think you're lying. I think you're lying and he's the salt of the earth."

Trump: "I will say this. I was very impressed with the fight Frank put up. I especially like how he took his basic misunderstanding of the task and your place in it, and twisted that into an accusation that's going to stain your professional reputation for all time, simply because he thinks you're putting the target on him. I like that."
Frank: "... .Mmmmyou lost me."
Trump: "But I don't know that Frank has the sophistication for... You know, my world is a very complex world. You can do construction, but do you have the polish? For example, could you be trusted to make an ass of yourself in front of the entire world by bitching about Rosie O'Donnell, or hanging out with the World Wrestling Federation? Are you classy enough for that?"
Frank: "I am 100% as classy as you are, Mr. Trump. And I can make buildings."
Trump: "Your presentation kind of went south once you forgot to talk all nice."
Frank: "I am the best salesman in the world, and intrinsically charismatic, against all reason."
Trump: "Yeah, I know. It's fucked up. James?"
James: "Fire the person who created the theme she tried to tell you about eleven times in order to start the presentation, and you kept interrupting her and finally made her sit down."
Trump and Don: "Ha ha! What theme? She didn't tell us the theme."
Heidi: "World Class Amenities, pigfucker."

Trump: "But ya didn't say it!"
Heidi: "You're right, I was too busy staring at you playing with yourself as you interrupted me over and over and watched me twist. I screwed up the presentation."
Frank: "And what's so sad? What's so terribly sad about that? Is that we had a great presentation mapped out. Just for you. It was like a hard, thrusting, gold-covered thank-you gift, for being such a great guy. And because somebody screwed up, you'll never get to see it. Or the pony we bought you. Or the third mail-order bride."

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