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Lesson Twelve: Go With Your Gut

Frank: "Do you blame me for choking at the beginning of the presentation with no way of knowing that Trump was going to cut you off later?"
Heidi: "Yeah, I fucked that up. Totally. I hate it."

Heidi: "Look, Mr. Trump, I have been accused of some really shitty stuff, for some really shitty reasons, that may haunt the rest of my professional career, because Mr. Integrity over here wants to win a trashy game show. For this reason alone -- since it's clear I'm not going to win this bitch -- I want to clear the air. No matter how many times you say it, Frank says it, no matter how firmly you believe it, I am not a liar. I want to be fired for legitimate reasons. Please. I am begging you. Give me the dignity of an honest cobra. Don't take the way out that you always do, and this show always does, by portraying women as self-hating manipulative bitches. Just cut me loose for fucking up. I've done awesome to this point and you know it. Please."
Heidi: "For GOD'S SAKE, FRANK. What did I lie about? One thing."
Don: "I can't think of any, but I know I had this suspicion you were contradicting yourself. A little voice in my head, sounded like Jersey trash."
Frank: "Like when you said I wrote the brochure and then I didn't write the brochure, and how you said I wanted to do the video first, but then I didn't want to do the video first."
Heidi: "Frank. To say that we were equally responsible for the shittiness of the brochure is not a falsehood. Nor does it countermand the fact that you didn't write the brochure. You didn't write it, but you definitely contributed to the shittiness of it."
Frank: "How? I didn't write it! Stop saying I did! You keep double-talking yourself the whole night!"
Heidi: "... .Mmmmyou lost me. We're done here."

Heidi, with the hardest eyes: "Mr. Trump. You know what, this task? This awful task? I am 100% embarrassed. And if you wanted to fire me solely based on this task, and not listen to a word I'm saying, and not look at my history in this game, and not look at the bullshit I had to contend with, currently still going on in the chair next to me, if you wanted to make that much of an ass of yourself and everyone here, I would 100% completely agree with you."
Trump: "Heidi, I was going to do that anyway. You're fired."

Heidi: "This show is a kind of violating experience. At least at Playboy they gave us lunch."

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