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So Long, Sweetie

Boardroom time, with about a half-hour to go in this marathon. Trump asks Rich how he did. Rich says his team did very well, and absolutely nailed the criteria they were going to be judged on. Lil Jon agrees. Trump asks who was the star of the team, and Lil Jon says both of them were. He says Rich did the pitch, and he did the commercial. Trump asks Rich how Lil Jon did, and Rich say she was incredible and invaluable, picking up the slack when Rich was sick and struggling. Trump asks, "So a hip-hop guy and a country guy get along?" Lil Jon says very well, and Rich says he wants to comment on one thing. He says that the stereotypical way he's looked at with a cowboy hat is similar to how Lil Jon's stereotyped. He says he appreciates that this show was able to bring them, and maybe their fan bases, together.

Trump moves on to tell Meat Loaf how great he looks -- rested, relaxed. Then he adds that he's not gay. "I think gayness is wonderful, frankly, but I'm not a gay man." Oh, dear Lord. "Gayness"? Trump asks Meat Loaf how he got so much better looking. Meat Loaf says that Celebrity Apprentice is a terrific exercise and weight-loss program. Trump asks what Meat Loaf did for the task, and he says he set up the vignettes. Trump wonders why Marlee didn't do that, so she jumps in and says she decided Star would do brand messaging and Meat Loaf would do creative. Trump asks if Meat Loaf is more creative than Star, and Marlee says Star's great in front of the camera, but behind it there's a different role for her. Trump shows their commercial. And we get to basically watch it for a third time. Because they had THREE HOURS to fill.

Trump asks Rich what he thought, and Rich points out they missed the main point, which is that OnStar is now available at your local electronics retailer. He says the objective of this task was to let people know they can buy it. Marlee says she heard it at the end of the commercial, but Rich says he would have put it in both places. Now it's time to watch the men's video. Again. The soccer mom's still not wearing a seat belt. Trump asks Meat Loaf what he thinks of their video. He likes it a lot. Marlee says it's for a different audience. She says she respects their work. He asks if she likes it more than theirs. She doesn't feel like it's as personal. They all enjoyed it, but not more than theirs. Trump says he thinks Rich likes his own video better, but everyone on ASAP sort of sees it as a tie.

Trump asks Don what the executives thought of ASAP's commercial. They liked the concept and characters, but not the donut shop plot. And they didn't like that they didn't talk about how you can get the product in all vehicles now. Trump asks George what they thought of Backbone's. He says their enthusiasm for the product showed through, and it was a good showcase of the OnStar box, unlike the other commercial. They thought Lil Jon's acting was a little over-the-top, though, and they hated seeing the woman not wearing a seat belt in a video about a safety product. Trump thinks it's interesting that ASAP loved Backbone's video and Backbone didn't like ASAP's. He says the executives agreed, and gave it to Backbone. So Rich gets another $40,000 for St. Jude, and his second win. Now both members of Backbone have won twice, and no one else has. A commercial teases that John Rich knew who had to have this new OnStar product, and you can find out on OnStar's Facebook page.

The Jo(h)ns head back to the suite, which they have labeled "The Jonz." Well, their spelling isn't as good as mine, but I still approve. They're both so happy the Jonz are in the final four. Rich says Meat Loaf is going to have to fight, fight, fight, and they tune in to watch. Trump asks Marlee what happened, and she says Meat Loaf has a different style than what she and Star were used to. Trump says to Meat Loaf that he wasn't the project manager, but it sounds like he took control of the team. He says he took control of some of the vignettes. Don asks about the negative stereotype of police in a donut shop, and Meat Loaf says he thought it was funny, not negative. Star jumps in and says she thought Meat Loaf was willing to take responsibility. Don interrupts and asks who did product integration, which sucked. He says the other team showed the mirror, the box, etc., but their team showed nothing. No one will say it was Star's responsibility. Star says it wasn't her responsibility to get a shot of the box.

Trump asks Marlee who she'd fire. She says she'd fire Meat Loaf, because his working style threw them a bit off-kilter. Trump says that she could have stopped the off-kilter. She agrees, and says they tried. Trump asks Star, who would also fire Meat Loaf, because the executives didn't like the vignettes. The Jo(h)ns cheer for Meat Loaf to start fighting. Trump asks Meat Loaf who he'd fire. Meat Loaf says he sort of took over, but he always deferred to Marlee. Meat Loaf says that he knows Trump likes Star, but she is the one who was supposed to do product placement and branding. She says it was her job to do that, but not to select the shots. She says she's absolutely shocked at that, but George says she was in charge of the script. And Don says she was in charge of branding. She says the only reason they had the scene at the end of the video was because she insisted on it. Marlee agrees. Meat Loaf says he's not arguing that point, but there should have been a shot of the box. Star tells him to tell the truth: that he actually had a shot of the box and chose not to include it. He says he's not going to say that because it's not what happened. She asks why he didn't use that shot. George asks why they didn't use the shot of the box early on. Meat Loaf says the ladies chose to open with Star. Trump sends them out.

In the lobby, Star keeps pushing on the shot. Meat Loaf calls her "sweetie," which pisses her off. Then he says that she's the one who insisted the shot of the box was on the disc. She tries to shut Meat Loaf up by saying "Case closed." He says it's not, but she says it is to her. She treats him like a child, telling him to bring his voice down or she won't talk to him. She walks away and pretends to ignore him as he tells the truth and she lies. He says he thought she was a lawyer and willing to debate with any person, but she says you have to come to her with her credentials to get to debate with her. Then she says "Enough!" twice, and he calls her "young woman" and says she can't cut him off. It's 'bout to get ugly, y'all. After a commercial, they're still arguing. She says she doesn't owe him an argument and declines to give him one. In the boardroom, Trump asks who he should fire. Don says he could find cause to fire each of them. George says he'd fire Star because she should have had the OnStar branding right at the beginning.

Trump calls them back in and glares at them. He asks Meat Loaf what was going on in the lobby. Meat Loaf says he was arguing with Star, and she says he was arguing but not with her because she wouldn't do it. Meat Loaf says that she did the logo at the end instead of the box, and Trump asks who did the script. She says there wasn't one, so George points out the voiceovers she did. Meat Loaf says Star did that, which is when Star says she must tell them something to make sure "we're all clear on the sequence of events." She says there was never a script, even though she begged Meat Loaf to lay down his ideas with her. Marlee says that Meat Loaf wanted to work improvisationally. Trump says she's the project manager. She says he didn't want a script, and Don says that's the creative process and Meat Loaf's creative. Plus, if she wanted to stop it, she could have. She says he told her to trust him.

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