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So Long, Sweetie

Trump wants to get back to the argument in the lobby, and Star says Meat Loaf called her "dear" and "honey." Trump thinks this is politically correct crap. Marlee corrects that he called her "sweetie," and Meat Loaf says he was trying to be calm. Star says it diminishes a professional woman in an argument to be called that, and Marlee nods in agreement. Trump asks if, over the years, she hasn't been called worse than sweetie. She says yes, but not in the middle of a debate, where she needs to be treated as an equal. I think it's funny that she's insisting on being treated as an equal when she is the one who told him he needs to come to her with credentials such as hers to be allowed to debate with her. I think that's a little more condescending than his "Sweetie," which was said way before he got heated. George asks Star how she can say it's a debate when she didn't argue. She says she wouldn't argue with him because he got loud and angry. Trump gets fixated on the "Sweetie" thing and points out that she shouldn't be crazy about this, because everyone gets along with Meat Loaf, and no one's really been able to get along with her. She starts backing off. Trump asks if Meat Loaf thinks it was horrible to call her "Sweetie." Meat Loaf says it wasn't bad; he was trying to be nice and wasn't angry then. He says he even called Trump "Dear" once. Trump says he likes Meat Loaf's passion, and doesn't Star? She says she does.

Trump asks one more time: Who was in charge of branding? Trump says that was the problem. She says she couldn't tell Meat Loaf what to put in the video. She keeps talking over Don and Trump, but he finally tells her he fully understands what she's saying but the OnStar executives didn't like the branding, and so she's fired. Marlee gasps a couple seconds later, which is I guess when Jack translated the message. Star hugs everyone and says goodbye. In the boardroom, Trump says that wasn't easy but he thinks it was the right thing. NeNe's going to be so pissed she didn't stick around for this! Star exits the building in a different dress and different hairdo.

In her taxicab confession, she says no one likes to be fired and she's now been fired by two of her mentors (the other being Barbara Walters) from roles on television. She says she understands, though, and should have stepped in and said it's not going right. She says the first time she decided not to take control, she ended up on the chopping block. "Lesson learned." I guess the lesson is to be even more of a control freak? That can't be good for anyone who comes into contact with her again ever.

Next week: Before the next task begins, Trump tells them he's going to fire two more people before the next task. So it's time to bring in the past three winners to interview the four remaining folks and cut them down to two. That's right. That means Piers! Joan! Bret! And then Trump will fire two (my guess is Lil Jon and Meat Loaf will be fired, but I'd rather it be Marlee and Meat Loaf; I want an all Jo(h)ns finale) and the final task will begin.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, can't believe how quickly we're going from seven contestants to two. Not that I'm complaining. You can contact her at

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