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Lesson One: Don't Make People Hate You

Alla is brilliant here. She tries to interject a few times -- just shy of loudly enough to actually get Melissa's attention -- so that she can turn to Trump and the Viceroys, exasperated, indicating how very hard to work with Melissa actually is. This might be the Gold Star Move of the Week, actually. Finally ceded the floor, Alla continues: "At the end of the day, Mr. Trump, it takes the entire team's effort, everybody's 100%…one member of the team did not give it 100%." She calls Melissa negative, condescending, and sarcastic, saying she brought them down and ultimately caused them to lose the task. Melissa makes crazy exasperated "I can't believe this is happening" faces as Alla points out that they were only off by one sale, which Melissa might well be blamed for. Melissa's crazy extends to the point where she thinks someone might feel sympathy for her at this time. Kristi agrees, quietly, that she had to put a lot of energy into managing Melissa, which is the smartest thing she does in this entire conference: sit back and let the others not only go after Melissa, but also up to bat for her.

Essay Question (Choose one.)

1. Compare and contrast yourself with a highly successful executive. If you can't find any differences, discuss how you are soulmates and might get gay married in Massachusetts some bright spring day.
2. Write a descriptive essay about how everyone is out to get you 24/7. Use examples from your own life, and ways you cope with this challenge. If you are unable to cope in any way, make a list of unrelated things using your non-dominant hand on the wall or floor near your desk.
3. If essays are not your bag, and nobody will advise you about how to complete this assignment in a better way, call Donald Trump and babble endlessly.

Trump asks Rebecca her opinion, and she says straight-up, "I honestly think that this team cannot work with Melissa on it. Organization is particularly hard when people don't listen, and only speak. Her actions here in the Boardroom proved she doesn't listen." I think I like Rebecca. It was a short speech, but it was well-designed, rhetorically: from the oblique request for Melissa's firing, to reference to their failure as a supportive statement, to first-person evidence. Smart.

Melissa: Talks crazy.

Jen W. pipes up and notes that Melissa pulled her aside and said she "had no respect for Kristi." Trump asks why and Jen replies, hilariously, "That's the thing, I still don't understand that. She just didn't like her."

Melissa: Starts making another crazy list of this and that.

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