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Lesson One: Don't Make People Hate You

Speaking of, though, Carolyn now gets freaking awesome. "So Melissa, what you're saying is that you can't work with women." She says this with a slightly angry expression along the lines of "Can you even believe how easy that was to make her say?" Melissa starts to say yet another thing about the end of the day, but Kristi Markuses herself again, blurting, "I work very well with women!" Kristi! Shut up! Let her hang her own self and shut up, girl!

Carolyn continues: "[So then] do you have a shot of [winning] this if you can't work with women?" Melissa replies along the lines of, "Actually, I totally do, because there are no women or 'Hispanics' in the corporate world, but lots of crazy people, so I'm golden." Carolyn: "[Okay, freak, but] more than half [of your team, or possibly the global population] don't respect you, so how can you come back to lead this team and win?"

Melissa's response is insane, because she says it like it's like an excuse: "Everybody that's a woman doesn't like me." George tries to get her to indict herself using a logical proof. "You're saying that they are intimidated by you; that creates a hostile environment. To get rid of the hostile environment, you've gotta get away from the intimidation." She doesn't follow, and he doesn't manage to make her say yeah so he can say, "Then leave."

Melissa continues to repeat everything she's already said, almost verbatim, and Trump points out that "every single woman in this room thought you were a disruptive influence." She interrupts, awesomely, "But that I did a good job." HUH? Trump nearly screams what the fuck? at this one, but instead just points out that nobody even remotely said that, at any point, and then Melissa argues the factuality of the claim with him like he's being willful or retarded.

(Here's how that went down. Maybe somebody said something at some point, and we did or didn't see it, that could be construed as positive, or she saw someone peripherally shake her hair at some point and thought she was being defended, or she's thinking of Marshawn saying that the marketing was the problem. Because for a type like this, all that stuff is equal. Not calling her an asshole is the same as calling her a genius, and not blaming her for the flyer is the same as doing a great job, because she's confused all the time and relies on general perceptions and feelings and blurs of words and concepts that she characterizes vaguely by whether they feel good or bad to her. If they feel good, she can hear them, but if they feel bad, that feeling gets transferred to something unrelated, like the person who said the thing that felt bad, or something else that person said, or just generally. It's a volume/clarity issue. It's really loud in there, and the only thing that gets through the static is stuff she wants to hear. Even if it was never actually said.)

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