Let's Get Physical

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Lesson One: Don't Make People Hate You

Trump asks the teams to separate by gender, noting that it'll be easier to tell them apart. It takes me a second to figure out what he means, which is that they all look the same and he won't know who's on any given team. This part's awesome because some people in the mixed crowd stand their ground, wanting their gender to come to them, while others naturally follow. There's a lot of waving people to come over here or go over there, but the people who stick it and win out are interesting, particularly Randal, Josh, and Markus for the men, and Jen M. and Melissa for the women. The identical guys referred to above stay standing behind the women's group until the last possible second. Informative.

Each team is instructed to pick a team name and a project manager. Trump forgets to tell them not to totally fuck these two things up. We then learn that this year, the winning PM doesn't get exempted from the next board room unless the team votes them the privilege. Marshawn and Rebecca (I think) and Jen M. nod, and the men look nervous. Well, most of them. Josh just looks awesome. There's something to his whole skin care career after all, I think.

Golf is Trump's "form of exercise," he awkwardly segues, but other people go to gyms. Kristi and Josh are highlighted here, looking intense. Kristi looks and sounds a lot like Reese Witherspoon, while Josh looks and acts a bit like Seth Rogen, meaning that they are both dreamy. Melissa smiles crazily, and Markus is trying to be mellow and intense at the same time.

The first task is creating and selling a new "Fitness Plus" class at a Bally's, meaning that you pay for the class itself regardless of your membership status. This kind of thing is a win/win for the organizer and the club, because it serves as advertising for the gym's facilities while the class giver makes a quick buck. We highlight the main people we'll be talking about this week while he talks about the task: Kristi, Melissa, Marshawn, Randal, Josh, Markus, and Chris.

Since it's "important to stay ahead of the competition," Trump then abruptly sends the group on a footrace across the 525-acre grounds to find his personal helicopter. The winning team will send two members to New York to pick the better of the two Bally's locations. Chris (former NFL guy with pointy elf ears who now owns an East Texas tree farm) almost runs directly into Trump, who sidesteps and then slaps him on the shoulder like an Old West dogie. It's funny because it's his first instinct, and he looks a little rattled.

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