Let's Get Physical

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Lesson One: Don't Make People Hate You

Felisha interviews a dude with a headband and gold chains, and learns he's into boxing, and Jen M. stands by while Melissa condescendingly harasses a guy in a blue bandanna about how much he'd pay, which is $15. I think we're supposed to think this is the same guy she'll mention later in the episode. Toral interviews a very cool Asian lady about how much she'd pay for the classes, and gets a $50 estimate.

In the conference room, Kristi initiates a discussion of the pricing suggestions and general trends from the member survey. Everything's fine, and then Alla looks appalled as Melissa jumps in and starts yelling at everybody, trying to command the entire conversation. People immediately begin to look peeved as she starts off with a general rant about everybody's wrong, and then tells them that, as she is "Hispanic," she knows with authority what her people are "used to paying," and that too high a price will make them feel ripped off. She then harangues us, the viewers, with the same crap, pointing out that 98% of the clientele is "Hispanic." Jen M. points out that most people she talked to were comfortable with $50, and Melissa screams at her that she was being lied to and later on, when Melissa undermined her by going back to the same people, she bargained them down to $15. This part's awesome because the lazy, shifty, cheap, worthless "Hispanic" person Jen M. is talking about was…Asian. Melissa reiterates her horrible point again and again at the top of her lungs, pointing shut-up fingers at everybody, who are grossed out.

Toral describes the situation perfectly in interview: it's possible that the general supply/demand curve they've estimated was thrown off by the cameras and business suits and blonde people, but Melissa was being so horrible about it and "couldn't stomach her." I love Toral, even as she snits that this behavior would never be tolerated in "some of the top institutions I've worked for in New York." Melissa paces around talking crazy and yelling at herself and putting on little skits, and everyone tries to shut her up. Finally Kristi slightly raises her voice: "End of discussion. Quit bickering about it." Melissa makes that frustrated face like everything's going to hell because they won't do exactly as she says.

Flash Quiz! True or False:

Playing the race card is okay even if you do it to denigrate your own heritage: Yes or No?
Passing the buck is sexy and commanding: Yes or No?

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