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Asked for her opinion, Jen says that she thinks they priced the item too high. She says she was uncomfortable going over $19.99. Trump asks who set the price, and Jen fingers Pamela. Asked whether she agrees that they ultimately prices the product too high, Pamela says no. In fact, she thinks that the price was too low. Interestingly, as the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters have pointed out, if they had priced the sponges two or three cents higher, they would've won. It does seem unlikely that they would actually have lost any sales from a three-cent difference in price, so Pamela probably has an argument, if you keep it to a strictly within-the-game context. A disbelieving Carolyn, however, asks Pamela where she would have set the price if she believes that where they had it was too low. Pamela says she would have gone to one dollar per bar, which would have set it at $30. Carolyn insists that that's far too much, and if they had only priced the product correctly they would have "blown the men away." Of course, one could also argue that it's possible that had the men priced their product correctly, they would've blown the women away. Because I think Raj was probably right, and the men probably priced that product too high as well.

Ivana raises her hand wanting to make a point, or else because she needs to go to the potty. She launches into a critical bit about Pamela's leadership, and how Pamela is such an "independent" thinker. Of course, none of the rest of these women know what it would be like to be an independent thinker, because they're entirely too busy reading a bunch of magazines to see what shoes they should wear. If they were as tall as Pamela, they probably would've had their shins surgically removed by now so that they wouldn't stand out in the crowd. Maybe one of them could have sold her shins to Stacy as lifts. Okay, I made one more. Anyway, Ivana complains that Pamela didn't take enough "feedback" from the team. We've seen how well it works for this team when they give a lot of feedback, that's for sure. Trump offers Pamela the choice of two or three people to come to the final table with her. She says, just as she did in the first episode, that she's only going to take two. She's bringing Maria and Stacy. Trump says the rest of the women back up to the suite, and Maria, Pamela, and Stacy out to the lobby to wait.

While the women wait outside, Trump asks George and Carolyn what they think. George says he was "very impressed" with Pamela's leadership. He says that the team came together and operated cooperatively much more than they have in the past. He calls this in Pamela a "major, major quality," and it's clear that he's very impressed with her. ["I'd like to mention here that 1. I almost always agree with George, and 2. Trump almost never listens to him. Listen to George, Trump!" -- Sars] Trump is not so much on the strong women, however, and makes a remark that he thinks Pamela "could be too strong." That would be okay with me if he hadn't specifically singled her out and sent her over there with clear instructions to kick their asses, which is what he did. Carolyn says that she agrees about Pamela's leadership skills, but she insists again on focusing on this particular task, which she says they lost because of the price. What I don't understand about any of this is that they have made it clear in other cases that it's not only the person who loses this particular task who is in danger of leaving. Everyone agreed that Stacie J. was not the reason they lost that task, and yet there she was, going out the door, primarily on the say-so of the other women. Why it's taking so long for this concept to sink in with Trump and Carolyn is very confusing to me. If Maria and Elizabeth were not fired for the fact that they went over budget in the toothpaste task, I cannot understand any justification for firing Pamela for this task. I particularly cannot understand any justification for arguing, as Carolyn seems to here, that Pamela is the only person you can possibly fire, no matter how good she is and no matter how much the other people generally suck. I mean, there's Maria, sitting right there, and Maria already screwed up the toothpaste task. And she would have blown this task as well if Pamela hadn't known enough to pull her.

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