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Trump tells Pamela that he thinks she has a poor ability to assess people. This is where Trump starts to tell Pamela that she's very good, and very interesting, and you see it, but you don't really believe it. Or you don't really believe it if you're me. Trump tells Pamela that she's fired. Yes, that's right. He's keeping Stacy, and he's keeping Maria, because you never know when one of them might turn out to have some value in one of these tasks, even though so far, neither of them has. Well, that was a nice set-up. Force onto the team, force her to be the project manager, force her to work with a bunch of people you know are impossible, and then when it goes much better, but not quite well enough for you, kick her out the door. Asshole. For one thing, I hate this firing, because I know how happy it makes Stacy. And at this point, everything that makes Stacy happy makes me unhappy. Because she is my sworn enemy. The women get up and leave. George does not look happy at all, you should note. Stacy and Maria head up to the suite, while Pamela gets in the elevator down to, hopefully, a life where she will not have to deal with women like that ever again. Back in the Boardroom, Carolyn assures Trump that it was the right choice. I find that kind of gross, because I feel like Carolyn should have more sympathy for Pamela, or something, and she obviously doesn't. If this is still about that kid in the first episode with the bad haircut, it's time to let it go. Anyway. Goodbye, Pamela. At least you don't have to manage these evil wretches anymore.

In her exit interview, Pamela talks about how she isn't really cut out for politics. She just planned on trying to do a good job. She talks about how much she did not enjoy the "heavy political mudslinging," and I can certainly understand that. Sigh. I will miss her. At least she wasn't an idiot.

Next week: Time to design women's clothing! Something makes Carolyn laugh very, very hard. No, harder than that. It also looks like Ivana and Maria get into a fight, and if that's true, I can only hope it means one of them will finally get her ass shown to the door. The only better outcome? Yeah, Stacy. Sworn. Enemy.

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