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Pamela, completely correctly, tells Stacy she's not looking for conditional recommendation. She's not looking for Stacy to pass off the ultimate decision about what type of price they should choose. She's asking Stacy to say, "I recommend that you price it at this." Apparently, Stacy doesn't want to. Pamela explains in an interview, entirely too haughtily, that because Stacy was unable to make a recommendation, she took the pricing task back from Stacy. It just makes both of them look so bad. But as I've said a number of times throughout my life, I'd rather lack heart than spine.

For some reason, we move from one team to another via transitional footage of trees. I suppose this is because...well, you know what they have in Pennsylvania? A lot of trees. Trees, and gutted steel mills. But mostly trees. Mosaic has selected a DeLonghi panini grill as its product, and Kelly is leading a heated discussion over the price. Kelly believes that the team should keep the price over $70 in order to maximize their revenue. Raj, on the other hand, believes that that price is too high. Kelly tries to tell Raj that's "it's basic supply and demand," to which Raj points out curtly that he's "familiar with this stuff." Ooh, things are getting tense over at the boys' table. Raj even says something about "price elasticity," meaning that he is now going to be the matinee idol of women everywhere who think conservative economists are sexy. All of whom can fit at one table at Burger King. As Kevin explains it, this argument came down to the fact that Raj believed that there was something psychological about $70 that meant they shouldn't go over that number. The interesting thing about this is that although the guys are disagreeing, they manage to do it in such a way that they're not attacking each other personally. Raj claims in an interview that, in fact, Kelly was "jockeying for the position of de facto leader of the team." It isn't clear whether this annoyed him, or whether he grudgingly respected it. Or, of course, both. There is a little more bickering over the price, but ultimately, it appears that Chris, the leader of the team, steps up and makes the choice that they're going to go with Kelly's recommendation of $71.25. Raj interviews that if he were the leader of the team, he would be concerned about having anyone else have as much power as Kelly has at this point. I'm not sure anyone worries about who has what power quite as much as Raj. I suspect he worries quite a bit about the Trilateral Commission.

We are inside a QVC studio. As the women prepare for their presentation, Pamela tells Ivana that she thinks they can push for a price of $30 for the sponge set. This prices out to one dollar per sponge, which she thinks is reasonable based on the prices of comparable items. Ivana claims that her concern about selling the sponges at that price is that people will get the sponges for one dollar per sponge and will say, "This blows." So, is she saying she's worried about...returns? That seems very strange. I don't entirely understand what she saying. That's not to mention the fact that if I were her, I wouldn't have selected this product unless I had tested it in advance and was relatively sure people wouldn't send it back saying, "This blows," particularly if the product was called "It Works." Ivana interviews, in her usual not-my-fault fashion, that the pricing decision was Pamela's, not hers. Of course, no one else on the team will be missing an opportunity to remind you of this, in order to take your mind off all of the things they themselves will be doing wrong over the course of the episode.

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