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Lesson Five: Swing When You're Winning

Jenthura kind of gets to me a little bit: "I get results. Sometimes I get a little tongue-tied...I'm human. I can lead people, people like to follow me." That part I sympathized with, like, Yeah, I talk like an idiot a lot of the time, but I'm obviously not an idiot, and it makes me feel like a jerk when I do it. Carolyn again hammers the whole "this is not a popularity contest" angle, and I haven't seen her go after anybody this hard ever. Even Melissa, she mostly just let her twist. Jenthura's like, "Okay, but you have to respect the other team players," and Trump defends her again to Carolyn: "I agree with her on that." Trump describes them as "almost exact opposites," because Kristi's too hard to work with, while Jenthura is a good leader in theory, but has trouble with "concepts" and is maybe not so good under pressure. Which, to be fair, we don't know, because she wasn't there. She's like, "Oh, I am good under pressure," and Trump's like, "Maybe so, maybe not, but not on this task." Then he fires Kristi.

Jenthura's near tears, Bill's eyebrows go sky-high, and Carolyn looks grossed out. Outside, Jen approaches Kristi, mumbling, "I'm sorry about…" and Kristi puts the final, surprisingly violent nail in the coffin of my love for her: "Shut. Up. I don't even wanna hear it, Jen." So not necessary, that. Even Toral -- who wouldn't hire you as her administrative assistant in the magical headquarters of Religious Fanatics Against Milkshakes* -- showed more class at that point in the day. Good Lord.

(*Okay, the coolest part of that whole deal is that she later clarified the whole not wearing a costume thing as a personal non-religious belief, because she's a vegetarian, and it's disrespectful to dress up like animals.

Dear Toral: The milkshake is not an animal.)

Inside, Bill -- trying to adjust to what just happened -- is like, "Well, she made it out of here by the skin of her teeth." Trump defends his decision, saying that Capital Edge is not getting along, and Kristi was doing them "no favors in that arena." This is technically true, so Bill's like, "Whatevs." Trump gets contemplative: "I'm going to have to make some drastic changes to this team, it's not working." Cut to Carolyn, who has not spoken this whole time, fuming at what just happened. Oh, Jenthura. You are DEAD MEAT. ["Yeah, there's…something more to Carolyn's reaction, there, I think. She has really random bursts of hate sometimes that just kind of…don't track with what's going on." -- Sars]

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