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Lesson Five: Swing When You're Winning

Jenthura's slow return to the suite is accompanied by the "Rubble Man" song, which is more brilliant every time you view the episode -- it's really dumb, but if you keep watching it over and over, it gets hilarious -- and then in the Crazy Taxi, Kristi's complaining about how, "When Jen and I walked out of the boardroom, she gave me the most pitiful look and stuck out her hand...she's so fake, I don't care for her. I wish Alla and Felisha the best of luck." I didn't see it as fake, because half the time in the Boardroom she forgot to talk trash about you, and vice versa, but whatever. I cannot attest to Kristi's state of mind at any point in this episode, except that she makes me kind of bummed out, because she's super-strong and I like her a lot, and I'm sorry that she gave in to whatever lesser angels of her nature took over in Week 2.

Next week, Carolyn's in charge and she sits in the Leather Chair of the Hair, but a team falls apart, performing so badly that Trump has to actually come back and deal, and then apparently he's more angry than he ever has been, and there will be some kind of Boardroom first, and it's all dreadfully exciting.

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