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Donald Trump and the suck-ups

At 11:09 AM, we see (in a pretty cool shot) Amy tearing down the aisles of a store, hunting down the supplies. Next thing you know, they've got everything bought, and Ereka is telling them over the phone/walkie-talkie thing that they're going to meet up at 53rd and 9th. As the non-buyers walk along the street, Tammy is applying lipstick. Again. Ereka -- who, you'll recall, claimed to be from New York City -- says in an interview that she made a slight error at this point and didn't look to see which way was east and west; she just asked a stranger, who it turned out pointed her in the wrong direction. Now, I'm not claiming to be a great navigator -- in fact, I'm a little bit the opposite of that. But in Manhattan, I can figure out which way is east and which way is west. And I'm not freaking from there, like she said she was. Anyway, before she knows it, Ereka finds that she has led her crew to 53rd and Park. ["It's worth noting here that the distance between 9th Avenue and Park is nearly a mile and a half. Even a rank tourist would have figured out by, say, 6th Ave. that she'd gone the wrong way." -- Sars] Didn't she cross some streets? Didn't she look up? There are signs, you know. And they're there for exactly that purpose, so you know where you are. Anyway, she walked along 53rd in exactly the wrong direction, and is now several long blocks from where she wants to be. Not only that, but now the Space Communicator, or whatever this cell phone/walkie-talkie thing is, is malfunctioning.

Now we cut to Amy and Kristi, who...well, now the signs say they're at 53rd and Broadway. According to my calculations, that would put them just about halfway between where the group was supposed to meet and where Ereka's crew of dimwits wound up. They, too, are mixing up their lemonade (from concentrate, rather than mix) in a bucket. Ereka continues trying to call them, but is having no success, and Amy and Kristi have just decided to dive directly into selling. Tammy complains that the Space Communicators have wandered "a mile off [their] target." Mapquest verdict: approximately, yes. Omarosa interviews that Ereka is the first project manager, so if it all goes down the chute, she's going to be the one who's held responsible.

When we return from commercials, Ereka is on the Space Communicator, asking Kristi and Amy to explain exactly where they are and what they're doing. She tells them that they need to get to 53rd and Park, and she suggests they get in a cab, but they tell her they're at 53rd and 8th, and they can't get a cab, because they have two grocery carts with them that they can't just tie to the bumper. The plan to meet at 53rd and 9th is reconstituted (hey, like lemonade!), and the Space Communicators take off walking. They catch up with the Supply Squad. Ereka explains that now, everything's much better. "I am so fortunate to have these girls working for me," she says. "Working for me"? What happened to "I don't want to lead," there, boss lady? Tammy tries her hand at pushing a few cups, but nothing doing. She complains that her feet hurt. Poor baby. It just goes to show you that when you don't know what you're doing, the mules with the four-inch heels are probably a risky choice. Next time we see her, she has wandered off for a lunch break. She's following the "when in doubt, flee" strategy that you've heard so much about in the books about personal success. That's going to go over well with the rest of the Protégé staff. Kristi complains to the camera that the rest of them haven't had so much as a glass of water, and Tammy's off getting lunch. Oh, pipe down, Kristi. There's no room for a sandwich without splitting your top open anyway. Amy complains likewise that Tammy "is not really focused on being a part of the team." Yeah, I think that's an understatement.

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