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Donald Trump and the suck-ups

Omarosa, out of the goodness of her heart, such as it is, gets Tammy to walk to the store with her, and while they walk, she tells Tammy that she's putting the rest of the women off a little at this point. This is one of several times when it's hard to concentrate on what Omarosa is saying, because her skirts are so short that you can't help feeling like her underwear is going to appear at any time. Basically, Omarosa and her underwear try to tell Tammy to pitch in and help more, because she's alienating the group. Omarosa gives herself a lot of credit for this, basically congratulating the crap out of herself for telling Tammy, "No one likes you." She refers to this as "confiding in Tammy." When the two of them return to the fold, the first thing Tammy says is basically, "I hear you're all mad because I took a break." Omarosa points out in an interview that she meant for Tammy to keep that as a confidence between them, not to spread it around. She scolds Tammy thusly right in front of the rest of the group, which comes off as really obnoxious and condescending, even if she's right. Disgusted, Omarosa says that now she's done trying to help Tammy get along with people. She might do well to turn her attention toward her own ability to get along with people, it seems to me.

Seaport. VersaCorp. The guys are hustling the few people who are around, but there aren't that many. David actually runs down the street beside a guy on a bike, waving the sign in his face and eventually cutting him off while he's still riding by jumping in front of him. Dude. That is a terrible idea. I mean, it's a good idea if you want a free appendix removal without having to go to the hospital, but it's a terrible idea if you're trying to get a guy to buy a drink. Bowie watches this, dismayed. Nick interviews that David may be a brilliant guy, but "he needed a little help moving the product," by which Nick means, "he's a fucking idiot when it comes to people skills." The other guys mutter about how they're going to get Dave to stop attacking the customers. Heh.

Overhead, the Trumpicopter is hovering. Wow, awesome. "You're not gonna believe this," Donald is saying to someone on the Trumpicopterphone. "The men are at that smelly Fulton Fish Market trying to sell lemonade." He complains into the phone that it's a terrible -- not to mention largely deserted -- location. On the ground, Bill good-naturedly says that they're "dying a slow death out here." Jason notes that whatever lunch rush was coming has already come, so they need to move somewhere else, because, to quote Swingers, this place is dead. Sam smugly gloaterviews that Kwame was the location guy, and that the seaport was a bad choice. Sam is actually thrilled by this development, despite the fact that it screws him, too. He'd rather see somebody else proved inferior to him, I think, than see the team do well and watch anybody else get credit for it. The guys all get together and decide that they need to go someplace else, so they pack up their gear and scoot.

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