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Donald Trump and the suck-ups

Now the interesting thing about that, of course, is that if the guys doubled their money, I'm assuming that means they made $500 in sales, doubling their initial $250 stash of seed money. They appeared for most of the day to be selling at a buck a cup, which means they sold about 500 lemonades, which is, over the course of the eight or so hours that it looks like they were selling, about sixty lemonades an hour or so. One a minute. Not bad, really. The women, on the other hand, brought home $1000, selling at five bucks a cup. They sold about 200 lemonades total, or about twenty-five an hour. Less than half as many as the guys, and only three or so an hour per girl, if they were selling individually. So the idea that nobody bought from the guys because they had a bad location, or because they weren't cute enough, or because there were no people, does not appear to be the case. What appears to be the case is that the women charged more, and the difference in price wasn't big enough to drive off so many people that they couldn't make money. In my opinion, nobody under normal circumstances would buy a cup of warm mystery lemonade out of a bucket on a street in New York for a dollar or for five dollars -- there's a place to stop in and get something to drink about every twenty feet in Manhattan. People bought the lemonade because there were cameras around. And most people who will, on a whim, buy lemonade for a dollar in case they get on TV or wind up with a great story will also buy it for five dollars. In other words, it was an interesting experiment in group dynamics, but it was a totally twisted market, and the guys acted like they were selling lemonade, while the women acted like they were selling the experience of buying lemonade under these particular circumstances. I don't think it indicates that any group of attractive women could make a thousand dollars a day by selling lemonade on the street out of a bucket for five dollars.

At any rate, the women grin happily when their superior haul is announced. George describes their take as $1200, so I'm not sure if he doesn't know the word "quintuple," or was rounding down, or if he thinks "quadruple your money" means four times as much profit as you had seed money...anyway, the point still remains essentially the same. "What can I say?" Donald says flatly. "The numbers speak for themselves." He repeats to the men that they got their fannies handed to them, "and it wasn't even close." The women clap. Eeeeeeeee! Donald tells them that for winning the first challenge, their reward is a chance to "see the nicest apartment in New York City" -- his. Yes, that's their prize. Yes, he is apparently serious. He turns to the men. "Guys, they killed you. They really gave you a good beating. So you're not going to be seeing my apartment." That really happened, by the way -- he really said that. "You're not going to be seeing my apartment." He reminds VersaCorp that they will have to return later to the Boardroom, where someone will be sacked. The women clap and "woo!" some more after Donald leaves. Slow-motion shots of the guys looking miserable take us out of this sequence.

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