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Donald Trump and the suck-ups

For a change of pace, we now get night shots of the Manhattan skyline. Then the guys all file into the Boardroom, all wheeling their little suitcases in case they have to leave, I guess. They all sit down across from Donald and the Viceroys. George opens the meeting by saying that working for Donald is a big job, and whoever gets it will spend a lot of time with George. He doesn't want "an idiot." He slams the choice of location, and Kwame responds that "some of the locations were a little bit better than others," which I guess is the kind way to look at it. He explains his thinking again about how he expected a lunch crowd at the Seaport location, and Donald repeats his impression that the stinky fish made for a bad spot. He then asks David whether, had David been the team leader, he thinks the result would have been different. "Not in this case, because sales is not my forte." Well, that's...up-front, anyway. Sam says yes, he does think it would have been different if he had been the leader. George asks if he thinks they would have won. Sam says that part of leading is putting your ideas out there and making sure that they get a fair shot. Donald asks if he's saying Troy did a bad job. Sam says no, Troy is "a hustler of the nth degree." However, he thinks he and Troy showed the same weakness -- no listening skills. ["No prepositional skills, either. Shut up, Sam." -- Sars]

George turns to Jason, commenting that he's very quiet. Jason says he's "listening." "Listeners, we got plenty. We need talkers," George grumps at him. Jason says he's happy to talk when he has something to say, but he's not going to talk for the hell of it. Jason starts to explain that everybody's a good leader on the team, and he's mid-sentence when Trump cuts him off and says, "But it sounds like you're saying that Troy isn't a good leader." Jason stammers. "Well, I, I, I didn't finish." As he starts to explain again, Trump cuts him off again and says that when you're trying to impress somebody and they're asking you a question, you shouldn't "interrupt them and say 'let me finish.'" Donald is flat wrong. I watched it a couple of times. Jason did not interrupt Trump at all. Trump finished his sentence, stopped, was done. Furthermore, he didn't even say "let me finish." Trump said, "It sounds like you're saying X," and Jason said, "Well, I didn't finish." I'm not saying Trump doesn't have a point that you have to be a better suck-up than this if you want to impress a guy as addicted to suck-ups as Trump is, but Jason didn't interrupt him or cut him off at all. That just struck me as a totally needless smacking when the kid wasn't even out of line. Trump is right as far as the realities of being the low man on the totem pole, but on the merits, he has no case. What's more, Trump specifically says again, "When I ask a question, and I'm not finished with the question, you don't say 'let me finish.'" He's absolutely, entirely wrong. He was finished with the question. If I were Trump, and I saw this on the show now, I'd send the kid a note and apologize for trying to humiliate him when my factual predicate for the smacking was completely off-base. It's not ambiguous -- he's completely wrong.

Anyway, George asks Jason if the result would have been different if he had been the leader. Jason says yes. Trump asks him why, and Jason says that Troy didn't do a good job of listening to everybody before he decided what they were going to do about everything. "Do you think they would have listened to you?" Donald asks. "Yeah, because I would have listened to them," Jason says. I think that was a pretty good answer. Trump doesn't. "I think that's business school stuff," he says. He thinks you have to act, not listen. Oh, the irony, considering his recent abuse of Jason with no cause. Trump turns to Troy. "It's easy to answer these questions today," Troy says, "because you're a Monday morning quarterback." Ooh, risky ploy. Trump could have thought Troy meant him. But apparently, he doesn't take it that way. Troy goes on to say that for good or for ill, he stepped up and did the best he could under the circumstances. Trump gives him the "you're right," and agrees with him. Troy says he backed up Kwame on the location once he delegated that task to him. George points out that Troy's challenge was that when you delegate a task, you're a hero or a goat based on how the other person does. Carolyn, however, takes issue with Troy's description of events, because she feels that Troy was inconsistent. While he did back up Kwame, he didn't back up Sam. Well, of course he didn't back up Sam. Who would back up Sam? Sam is insane. You don't back up the crazy guy. You pat him on the head, claim that you see the same flying alligators he does, and send him on his way.

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