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Donald Trump and the suck-ups

Trump moves to Jason. "Who do you think is the worst leader?" "I would probably say Sam," Jason answers. Everyone at the table goes on to pick Sam, except for Sam himself, who picks David. Sam explains this by saying that he's not sure David "believes in himself as a leader." "Oh, really?" David says in a way that he means to sound amused, but actually only sounds defensive and nervous. David is very, very annoying. David argues that Sam's tactics "went over the edge."

Donald asks Sam what the hell's going on with his whole team thinking he sucks the bag. Sam replies that it's Trump, not the guys, making the decision. Donald can only agree. "If I'm your president, Mr. Trump," Sam says, "I'm going to stand right here in front of you [stands up from Boardroom chair] and say in front of everybody here, 'I will not break the rules for your organization!'" Bill and Troy are looking at each other like they're at a party where a guy just got up to the karaoke machine and started singing "With Or Without You" to his girlfriend without a hint of irony. Bill, in fact, is actually laughing at Sam's great dramatic moment. Sam, still standing: "You tell me I'm coming close, I will stop, and if you have to punch me in the stomach and tell me to sit down and shut up, I'll shut up. And I'll learn." Wait, does that count as a spoiler? The stomach-punching? God, I hope so. Sam turns back to Trump. "Mr. Trump, I don't want to work for anybody else in this country." Somehow, he winds up sitting down again. He talks some more about how he wants to work for Donald, follow the rules, be the's very inspirational. Donald says working for him will be "a big stretch." Sam says it won't be, actually, because he learns fast. "You don't believe in the genetic pool, that what you have, you have?" Ouch., ouch. Sam: "I have got genetic pool big-time, Mr. Trump. Just like you got from your father Fred Trump and your mother Mary Trump." Could that be a more obvious "I have researched your parents' names" gambit? Oy. Trump just says he hopes so.

Trump now tells Troy that while he's the manager, he's not the only one responsible. He wants Troy to pick out the two other people he thinks bear responsibility for the failure. Troy says he selects Sam and David. As it turns out, what they do is that everybody else then gets to go home, and the team leader and his two chosen victims sit with Donald to decide who gets sent home. So Jason, Bill, Kwame, Bowie, and Nick get to go up to the suite and rest easy. Because the next step is Phase II: The Firing. Before that, though, the three Boardroom invitees have to go outside and wait while Donald chats up the Viceroys. And Mark Burnett. Oh, no, wait, I'm sure that doesn't really happen.

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