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Donald Trump and the suck-ups

After the break, Trump asks Carolyn what she thinks of Troy. She says that while he's charming, his leadership was questionable.

Out in the Loser Lobby, Sam is demonstrating that his social skills haven't improved in the last five minutes by telling Troy and David that Trump is "a forward-thinking guy." He tells David that he just doesn't see that Trump will ever pick him as a president of one of his companies.

Back inside, Carolyn tells Donald that she thinks David was wrong to say Sam "stepped over the line," because she feels Sam didn't. Of course, what David actually said was "over the edge," which could mean the edge of sanity, and not -- as Carolyn says -- the edge of legality. Donald says he had gotten the impression that Sam did break the rules. How? Hard to say. They don't explain.

In the Loser Lobby, Sam tells David and Troy that he will eventually be Trump's guy, even though he's obviously struggling right now. "I can't do it today. You know what I'm doing today?" He gets down on the floor and crawls on his hands and knees. He demonstrates how first, he will get to his knees. Then, he will blow Trump. Oh, no, he doesn't say that. What he will do after he gets to his knees is stand all the way up and eventually rule the world as an evil overlord. "Denial is a river in Africa," David says, mangling the expression, which is more like, "Denial ain't just a river in Africa." Saying denial is a river in Africa doesn't make very much sense, David, no matter how high your IQ may be. Once Sam is fully standing, David also says, "Now you're homo erectus, okay?" It's sad when a guy comes across something like that that's almost funny, but he can't quite get there. He smelled the joke in the vicinity, but he did not actually locate it.

Inside the meeting, George is telling Trump that he likes Sam. Ew. He finds Sam to be a risk-taker. "You've been taking risks all your life," he says to Donald.

Loser Lobby. "We'll find out if I hung myself," Sam says. "I'm not going to say any more."

Trump pages the secretary (Robin, it turns out) and has her send in the clowns. Robin watches them walk into the Boardroom like, "I can't believe one of these people is going to have a better job than I do." In the Boardroom, the guys sit down. Trump asks Troy what made him pick David to be in the group. Troy says that David is a logistics person -- a "numbers guy" -- but while he thinks David would be a great assistant to somebody, he doesn't see a leader. He asks if Troy would trust Sam with his bank account, and Troy says no, he wouldn't. Sam freaks out, insisting that for Troy to say he wouldn't trust Sam with his bank account is to say that he thinks Sam is dishonest. "Maybe it's lack of discretion, not lack of honesty," David says, correct on the substance but delivering it with such an obnoxious smirky manner that you can't help wanting to punch his lights out. Trump tells Troy that while he did "a lousy job as the leader," he also stepped up the first time out, and so Trump has decided not to fire him. As Trump starts in on Sam about all his weaknesses, Sam stands up. "Sit down," Donald says. "Thank you, Mr. Trump," Sam says as he sits. Okay, that was hysterically funny, in a way I cannot even explain to you if you didn't see it. He stood up for no apparent reason, got smacked and told to sit the fuck down, and thanked Trump. It's...the guy is just bizarre. Trump tells Sam that he's either going to be great, or he's going to be a total disaster. Now, Trump turns to David. "I don't see that you've stepped up at all." David makes a surprised face. Donald explains that there's an elevator back up to the suite, and an elevator that goes down to the street. Two will get on the up elevator, one will get on the down elevator. And taking that down elevator? Will be David. Because David is fired. Fired!

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