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Donald Trump and the suck-ups

Several of the women toast themselves. Elsewhere, there's a wonderful conversation between Sam, Omarosa, and David. Sam inquires about the fact that David has both his MBA and his MD, and he got the MD first. David explains that at the end of medical school, he found himself thinking, "What can I do with an MD besides treat patients?" I just love that. I can just picture David, all, "Now that I'm a doctor, how can I avoid the burdens of giving care and concentrate on accumulating dough for myself and others?" Sam interviews that he just can't relate to David, and goes on to posit that real entrepreneurs shouldn't spend that much time going to school. School, feh! He begins to bounce up and down in the interview as he explains that entrepreneurs should be "sweating," and they should be champing at the bit to go out and try things for themselves. They should be freaking out! They should be getting down! They should be shaking it like a Polaroid picture! They should be rocking you like a hurricane! Sam is easily overexcited, to say the least.

Omarosa silently reads a letter addressed to the women, and her face twists into confusion. She runs, all panicky, into the room where everyone else is hanging out and drinking, and undoubtedly makes all kinds of friends by snotting, "Ladies! Ladies, ladies, ladies! Follow me! Follow me!" Finally, they break off their conversations and come with her. Omarosa interviews that organizing is her skill. Apparently, her skill is not tact, because that was a very off-putting routine she just pulled. It was like being dragged away from a party by the house mother of a college dorm. Omarosa collects the women and reads them the letter she found, which tells them that their first task is to pick a team name, because now, they're going to be referred to as a pretend corporation. Having heard it read out loud, I cannot imagine what it was in that letter that made Omarosa make that nasty face when she opened it. "Choose a team name"? That's shocking? Whatever. I was thinking it said something like, "You will be expected to do your own laundry."

The women's effort to name their team goes less than smoothly. Omarosa wants the name to communicate power and unity. Ereka would also like it to communicate "shock." Oh, totally. I know I only buy from companies where I hear the name of the company for the first time and yell, "Holy crap! Are they kidding?" Oh, and Amy has something to add: "No idea is stupid." This is known as The Moment When You Realize Amy Has Never Watched Reality Television.

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