"Men in Black Are Gonna Come Get Him"

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Over at Plan B, Marilu is working on BioSilk and puts Stephen in charge of marketing. She is a good task master. She assigns Gary to being the "accountant," which means holding the bag of money. Farouk walks in and tells them about all seventeen amino acids in silk. Then, he sprinkles Marilu with volume dust and makes her look crazy. Plan B is thinking along the same lines: beautiful women, beautiful hair, Miss USA pageant.

Stephen Baldwin is a complete douche, yet again. Marilu is on the phone with someone she knows from the Miss USA pageant, and Stephen keeps yelling slowly at her, "DOES SHE KNOW MATT RICH?" He is very confident in himself as a player, a leader and an asshat.

In the van, Claudia is mad that Dennis won't do her rap-brainstorming exercise. Even Brande, the only white person left on this team, participates in the rap activity. They decide on a concept in the van: "Chi Wants You," with a heavy-handed Americana, Uncle Sam type of theme.

Plan B's concepts seem to be coming from Team Power's idea dumpster. They want to turn the truck into a salon, which could be good if the interaction time is short enough, and do it up Hollywood Premiere Event style. Then, Stephen Baldwin becomes extremely attached to the slogan, "live life luscious," and Trace Adkins knows it is terrible. Stephen's defense is that he lives in this world, and Trace doesn't know because he's from the South and washes his hair with lard.

"Live life luscious is just a mouthful of crap," Trace says, then throws out, "experience silk," in his deep-voiced, cowboy casual way. They decide to go with Trace's idea.

Over at Team Power, Claudia wants to do a photo shoot inside the truck, hopefully after the products have gone in some hair. Omarosa is not crazy about the idea, but she is looking forward to destroying Claudia in the boardroom, whether or not they lose the task. Omarosa and Dennis Rodman go out to the costume store to putz around and buy a wooden Donald Trump head.

Attempting to use all their assets, or to make lemonade out of lemons, Plan B decides to dress Gary Busey up as an angel and have him run around the crowd entertaining people and/or making them uncomfortable. He calls himself The Angel of Silk. Not to leave Gary unsupervised, Trace and Lisa go with him to get the angel costume and other props.

Omarosa and Dennis return to Team Power with only four things off a very long list. Claudia is mad. But first, the celebrities will have their photos taken for the Chi brand messaging. I do love Lil Jon as Uncle Sam, though, that would get a Facebook like from me. Do you think Farouk wants Dennis Rodman with gold lips as a spokesmodel for them?

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