"Men in Black Are Gonna Come Get Him"

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Meanwhile, at the prop store, Gary Busey fails at being the accountant, and takes too long. Lisa starts talking to Gary like he's a child, possibly because he is acting like a child, who should absolutely never be trusted with a bag full of cash. He leaves it in the store, but at least everyone had some fun with fart jokes on the way back.

Stephen Baldwin's Matt Rich, that guy he was yelling about while Marilu was trying to talk on the phone, comes through, promising a bevy of beauty queens. Stephen volunteers to take credit for that. Team Power is "pretty sure" they can get Miss Rhode Island, who won Miss USA not too long ago. As they print out pictures of themselves on a color printer, they receive the bad news that their beauty queen has already been promised to the other team, via Matt "do you know Matt Rich" Rich. Omarosa identifies this as a "critical error."

Do make up for their lack of beauty, Team Power decides to swing in the complete opposite direction, seeking out impersonators of celebrities with bad hair. Brande finds some kind of agency for celebrity impersonators, with a terrible Angelfire website, and requests the only Donald Trump impersonator in New York. But this impersonator died the day before... no joke. Omarosa calls this, "the worst thing I have ever heard in my life," which is certainly an overstatement. They get a Joan Rivers impersonator to interview them coming off the "red carpet," and Omarosa makes some calls for beauty queens (non-Trump, non-Farouk sanctioned title holders) in New York.

As Plan B sets up, something great happens. A woman in a car passing by rolls down her window to tell Gary Busey, "Gary, you got your suit dirty on the back," to which he responds, "I'm the angel of silk." I like that very much.

The BioSilk truck is pretty well appointed by this point, and it intimidates Team Power, who is working on promoting Chi. The day of the event, they still need to pick up everything (minus four costume pieces and a wooden Donald Trump head).

Over at Plan B, Penn is, of course, juggling. Stephen suggests that someone start putting up the rest of the silk for their designated area. Marilu notes that Trace is busy and says "no one else is as tall," looking right at Penn Jillette, who is extremely tall. Then she distractedly runs toward the beauty queens, who have just arrived. Stephen decides in that instant that Marilu will be fired if they lose this task.

Omarosa notices that the other team has stylists inside the their glass truck, whereas her team has that area as the photo shoot area. Omarosa points this out to Claudia as something to reconsider at the last moment, or really just to cover her ass in the boardroom.

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