"Men in Black Are Gonna Come Get Him"

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

On the other side of the longest table, Marilu says everyone is strong, but Gary is probably the weakest still. Gary calls Marilu an incredible and inspiring project manager. Stephen Baldwin is all too ready to disagree. He compares Marilu to Gary, and she reacts as Omarosa did when being lumped in with the weakest link. Stephen, don't you know that Marilu is the furthest thing from distracted? She's too busy remembering everything. She struggles to give Donald an answer when he asks who she would bring back if they lose, asking why they might have lost. A good non-answer.

Don Jr. tells Plan B that the executives thought the slogan "Experience Silk" was "a bit banal," which I'm sure Farouk did not say. Stephen puffs up a bit more as Trace is questioned about the slogan. As a result, Marilu says she would bring back Gary and Trace.

On Team Power, the executives loved Lil Jon and "Chi Wants You to be Beautiful," plus Farouk loves America. They also thought not enough was going on inside the glass truck. Then Omarosa tried to talk up her rapping ability to make herself seem more likeable.

Donald Trump announces that Plan B and their spectacle of silk have won the task. Marilu reminds us that her charity is for Alzheimer's research, making me wonder if Marilu thinks anyone who can't remember every single day of their life like her has Alzheimers, in which case, yes, it is "out of control." I really thought Marilu's team would lose this one.

So now the question is, will Claudia punk out of bringing Omarosa into the boardroom? Omarosa notes again that she supports Claudia's charity and wanted to win for that reason. Claudia is upset because they don't have singers or fire jugglers on their team and Farouk loves that shit.

Omarosa brings up that she did suggest moving the styling inside the truck, but does not mention how late she suggested it. Claudia chooses to bring back Dennis and Lil Jon. Lil Jon did the best in the challenge, though! Donald Trump is shocked, admitting to Claudia that there is a less than 1% chance that Lil Jon will be fired. Don Jr. contends that Claudia must be afraid of Omarosa, having admitted earlier that she was the other weakest player.

Claudia asks if she can change her mind, and Trump and Omarosa say no. Claudia asks Lil Jon to help her so that they can both stay, and Lil Jon tells Claudia he worries that Donald Trump likes what Dennis is doing too much. Claudia whispers that Dennis is dead weight and they need to get him fired.

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