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The no-sell motel

Magna rides in a limo and then boards the yacht. They introduce themselves to Steve Forbes, which Erin thinks makes a nice contrast from their "fleabag motel." They eat lobster on the boat. Bren talks about how important Forbes is, and how the yacht is bigger than Bren's house. Is that supposed to be surprising? Anyway, Forbes says that you have to pay attention to people, even if your personality "makes babies cry." As does his. Because it's all about the customers. And Verna isn't eating, and she's a little seasick, so we may not be done with the drama quite yet. Forbes invites the group for after-dinner drinks and cigars, and of the women, only Stephanie takes a cigar. I'm kind of tempted to say "good for her," except for the part where she'll stink and get cancer. ["And for the part where she made a big old point of mentioning how she was the only woman to take one. The camera is already on you, Stephanie. Take it down a notch." -- Sars] They take in the Statue of Liberty, as Forbes lectures about how somehow, the Statue of Liberty represents making lots and lots of money. Kendra finds him inspiring. I find him not so much inspiring, but plenty weird. But Forbes believes in "freedom and the chance to live the American dream." Forbes ultimately takes his leave of them before he can get sucked into the fighting, and before they know it, they're listening to Enya-esque music over the sounds of Forbes's chopper taking off. Bren says that seeing the helicopter fly away gave him quite a notion of how he'd like to live. And then the entire scene is ruined, not that it was ever very dear to my heart, by a cry of "UNBELIEVABLE!" Man, I hate that. I am already anxious to start beating people. With, like, parts of other people. That I've ripped off.

Back on the L-Pal balcony, John is telling Brian that he doesn't know what Trump will do, but it's not John's impression that pointing the finger is going to help Brian very much in this situation. John is saying that "I couldn't manage the team" and "nobody would listen" are going to sound bad. Brian hates John for being right some more, so he's as mad as he was last time. "No shit. And he's not going to hear it, because I did manage the team, because I blocked the fucking team out, and I hired fifteen fucking contractors. And they're the ones that got the fucking place cleaned up." John shakes his head and sips his drink. Brian insists in an interview that the team lost "because there was no team cooperation." He insists that everybody else wanted to meddle and not take direction. There's another awesome John/Brian moment, where John tells Brian that he knows Brian thinks he's the best -- they all think they're the best. "Then why are you accusing me of the loss?" Brian demands. "Because I watched you work, and you SUCK, that's why. Period," John says. Snerk. Brian has the following defense: "I never conceded until Donald Trump said we lost." Well...good? Or...delusional? Whatever. Either one.

John starts to leave, and Brian says, "Walk away like you did all fucking task, John. Walk away like you did all task." John points out that he had to walk away from Brian in order to get any work done. Brian sighs and rolls his eyes, because these people are so silly. And he is so smart. John tells him that it's time for him to "stop pointing fingers and start pulling the thumb -- ya fucked up," he says. "Period." John says in an interview that he hopes Trump fires Brian, because he's so abrasive that the team would suffer any time in the future that Brian had to do any business on their behalf. Yeah, that's not a very positive review you're getting from your team, there, Brian. Brian just keeps drinking beer on the balcony. Keep going, kid. Maybe if you have nine or ten more.

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