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The no-sell motel

Now, in a little bit of a weird sequence, Chris starts to talk about how the task wasn't organized, and the organization needed to come from Brian. Somehow, we seem to have dropped into the middle of an argument between Chris and Angie, because suddenly, she's complaining that Chris told them all that renovations were his area of expertise. He starts to totally flip out, and tells them that he doesn't physically do renovations, and he never said he did. And if you doubted before now that something is amiss between Angie and Chris that we're not privy to, you won't after you see Angie actually suggest that Chris should be fired instead of Brian. Wow. I mean...what? Chris disagrees. Trump says that Brian did not do a good job on leadership, and starts to sell himself as never-give-up guy. Carolyn tells him that he just gave up two seconds ago when he said he should be fired. Brian somehow doesn't think this qualifies as giving up. Trump says that Brian offered to be fired, and wants to know whether he still thinks so. Brian tries to return to some kind of a "never gave up" theme, and that one is just really, really not going to fly, dude. "I sat down and you said, 'You should fire me, Mr. Trump.' Isn't that right?" Trump asks. "Yes, it is," Brian agrees. "All right. Brian, you're fired."

Trump kicks them all out. Kind of anticlimactic, wasn't it? They all leave, and Brian gets on the down escalator all alone. That was not good Boardroom strategy, dude. Like, at all. In the Boardroom, Trump calls Brian "arrogant" and "not smart." Carolyn and George are both totally amused, because they've seen assholes get theirs before, but never quite like that. Brian goes outside and gets in his cab.

In Brian's taxicab interview, he says, "Well, Mr. Trump, thanks for the opportunity, it was great to meet you, it was great to eat dinner with you. I'm very confident that you lost a great negotiator tonight, and I'm sure our paths will cross in the future. As for my team Net Worth? Good luck, it's going to be a challenge." And then he refuses to say more, and the camera just watches...him...stew. Brilliant.

Next week: Someone quits. Maybe. Angie and Chris are fighting. And hugging! And fighting. And somebody "should be ashamed." Well, we all should.

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