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The no-sell motel

Anyway, Brian insists that John is wrong about everything. Oh, and "if people don't like it, they can go frig themself." Seriously, that's what he says. And if you can't trust your company to a guy who favors the expression "go frig themself," to whom can you trust it? Brian interviews that John needs to get the kind of guy he is, and that he needs everybody to work together. So Brian wants to just demand obedience, rather than display actual leadership. Good one, genius. As John looks at Brian dubiously, Brian lectures that John just couldn't stop acting in the PM role. Oh, poor insecure Brian. That's called natural leadership and charisma, dear, much as I hate to admit that anyone on this show has those things. "If you think that, you are a silly little man," John says. You know, I could learn to like him quite a lot. He goes on to tell Brian that he (meaning John) has been working all night, and it's 5:30 in the morning. "If you're that insecure, that's the silliest thing..." "I read people," Brian declares. HA HA HA! No, really. He does. He says, "I read people." Isn't it ironic, don't you think? "John, why can't you be honest with me?" Brian pleads. "I am being honest with you! I just called you a silly little man!" John says. Heeee hee. And as long as Brian wants honesty, John isn't finished. "Brian, you botched this task. People here don't like you. I'm the only person here that's been trying to put out fires with people and quash all that shit." Brian tries for "patronizing," but you can hear the creeping panic: "John, it's all part of your game." John insists it isn't, because he wants to win the task, and they're clearly not going to. John looks at Brian walking away. "You screwed the poodle today, man," he says. "And you screwed the poodle with me." Can I just say...Unluckiest. Poodle. Ever. Anyway, John interviews that Brian's determination not to listen to anyone else is going to be his undoing. Oh, John. Your head is a little boxy for a boyfriend. Can you work on that? Because otherwise, you might be the oiliest boyfriend reality television has ever produced, and I don't say that in an entirely negative way. Outside the rooms, John tells Brian, "You're not getting this job with that attitude, period." So true. "God, what an idiot," John mutters under his breath as he walks off. And...yeah, that too.

The next morning arrives, and we are at the Surfside Motel, home of Net Worth. Brian is lecturing Kristen that they don't have the money to buy the beds at the price they've been quoted. "Okay, number one, that's your fault," Kristen says. Heh. She goes on to blame the budget problem on the unnecessary and wanton destruction of entirely salvageable plumbing. She tells him that she's going to return some things so that they can afford beds. I love that in a hotel, he thought you had to replace the toilets, but the beds weren't a necessity. I'm just saying, you don't get up from the toilet to visit the bed in the middle of the night. He tells her that if she wants to sit down and go over the budget, that's fine. She points out that it's a little late now. She tells him that he has already blown off a million opportunities to do budget, and all he's doing is reaping what he sowed by thinking that a PM didn't need to sit down and figure out budget before anything else. She announces that she's taking control of the money at this point, because he can't make it work. He tries to order her to sit down, and that's definitely not going to work. She tells him, "You suck as a leader, and you got us in this mess, and I don't need to sit down with you, because you don't know what you're doing." "Oh, I don't?" he says. (Good one! Don't take it lying down!) She says, "No, you don't, and everyone here agrees. If anyone gets fired, it's going to be you, because we all will back you up in the Boardroom to get fired, because all of us think you're a shitty leader. Every single person here. She does, I do, she does, she does, he does. Everyone here. So deal with that. And I'm not sitting down to listen to you, because I should have led this project, or someone else who knows more what they're doing than you."

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