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The no-sell motel

See, she's breaking my heart, because that speech kicked ass, and he totally deserved it, and the way he shriveled up like a Craisin was truly awesome. But there's a time and a place, and I fear that she just made the situation worse, and that's not even counting the fact that it would have a lot more impact if she weren't so bitchy the rest of the time. What you want to do is be really professional and then uncork that speech at the precisely correct moment, and then get right back to work, which, tragically, isn't what she's going to do. But I still kind of loved how she paddled him across his arrogant fanny, because...exactly. Tara is all over the time-and-place problem, though, interviewing that all the fighting is really "insidious" when you're trying to get work done, and she thinks the team doesn't get it. "If you're fighting, you're not working," she quite correctly points out. And you can tell Kristen isn't able to leave well enough alone, because she actually yells at Brian across the pool area from the balcony that Trump says good leaders are respected, and he isn't respected. Which is true, but she really needs to quit while she's...well, not ahead, but at least a little bit in the game. Brian tells her to bring down the money, and she snaps, "No. If you want it, get up here and get it." Yeah, yer mom!

We slide over to Magna, where trash is still being dragged out and the furniture is being brought in. As Alex explains, none of the rooms are done at this point, and there's still a mess everywhere, even though the guests' arrival is imminent. Alex puts his finger on one of the really bad problems when he points out that the rooms smell like wet paint. "We are so gonna get fired, it is over," he says. Carolyn looks around unhappily at the chaos. She walks with Michael as he delivers potpourri to all the rooms, but she interviews that they're scheduled to open and the place is still "a shambles." Oh, and she mentions the stink as well. Fresh paint is not exactly one of the pleasant smells they make potpourri out of, if you get my drift. Anyway, three rooms don't have beds, the bathrooms are "awful," the wiring is "dangerous," and she doesn't think Magna will "do very well." You and me both, Smart Blonde Lady. Especially if the guests are all sleeping on the floor, peeing in the sinks, and electrocuting themselves on the light switches. I'm thinking that's busting you down to two stars, max, no matter how much free booze you put in the rooms.

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