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In the Empresario van the next morning, Gene and Omarosa are going back and forth between the product name. Is it EasyShare or All-in-One? Omarosa worries that Gene doesn't know enough about the product to effectively sell it. Jeez, lady, he just wrote the name of it on his hand to remember. What more commitment do you want?

Once they get the trailer set up at the location, with boxed printers all around it on the sidewalk, Gene interviews about how he put all the hot women to work doing the selling, since God gave them beauty and all. "Think of it as doing God's work," Gene interviews. God's like, "You've been calling My creation a Kodak world all day. I'm out." While they're working the passersby, Jim Cramer shows up to check on them. Gene explains his "Kodak World" concept to Cramer and interviews that Cramer was so impressed he didn't even bother to give any advice. That's one interpretation.

Meanwhile, Hydra is struggling to get their Kinko's-printed banners pasted up inside and outside their trailer. Piers is still pissed, calling it amateur hour (and he would know), but everyone says they've done their best. When Cramer comes to check their project out, Trace stops him on the way and assures him that Kodak stock will be "through the roof." This during a shot of one of their banners hanging loosely off the side of the trailer. Cramer approves of Hydra's messaging and emphasis on the ink angle, but not their presentation. And yes, it's not too cool that the street side of the trailer has no signage on it whatsoever, but it's not especially kind of Cramer to say at considerable length that it looks like a Dumpster. Did Airstream pay for product placement too? Because if they did, Cramer owes them a refund.

The Kodak execs come to visit the Hydra site, and Gene again goes off about "Kodak World" while Omarosa goes off (skeptically) in an interview about "the magic that is Gene Simmons." They even get the Kodak execs to pose with the life-sized cutouts of the Empresario team that they printed as a demo.

Hydra, despite the rinky-dink vibe they're putting off, is actually moving some printers. And who should show up but Alec Baldwin. "My brother's a celebrity," Stephen Johnny Dramas. We then see Stephen giving big bro a sidewalk pitch, and Alec returns the compliment: "Well, there's no one more full of crap than Stephen." But he ends up buying some printers for a thousand each. "It showed everyone what a real Baldwin is," Piers interviews. Yeeouch! I felt that all the way over here.

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