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I Want My FLO TV

Octane. Steuart takes the editing task while delegating the presentation to Brandy and the creative elements to Clint. They settle on the theme of "families on the go," which Creative Clint immediately scuttles by coming up with an office peer pressure scenario that has nothing to do with either families or being on the go. Despite Clint's excitement, Steuart looks perplexed. He pushes for more ideas, but Clint shuts down the brainstorming.

Fortitude. Liza and Stephanie meet their Director of Photography, and Stephanie gets territorial when Liza tries to convey their concept to him. Liza makes several location scouting calls with no success, so they make an impromptu office out of the photographer studio. The photographer gets testier by the minute as Stephanie tries to cobble together something resembling a professional commercial shoot.

Octane begins shooting its commercial, with Clint in the starring role. He plays the odd man out at his office because he doesn't have FLO TV. Things don't go as quickly as everyone hopes, and panic grows as the team moves from the studio to the next location at an AT&T store. Clint takes the reins of directing the actors and crew on the shoot, and he feels like he's taking on as much of the PM role as Steuart is. Brandy easily admits in an interview that she feels marginalized and isn't really giving it her all. As a scene wraps, Ivanka shows up. Clint gives her the rundown, and she notices that Steuart is taking a more passive role than he should as PM.

Fortitude. Since Liza failed to secure the sporting location, Stephanie has to make do with backdrops that she deems cheesy. She tries to communicate her ideas to the DP, but he thinks she's all over the place. "This is literally the high school version of film school," he interviews. As Stephanie throws out ideas, the DP gives her "bitch, please" looks aplenty, and she's too frazzled to grasp the irony that this is exactly how Liza must feel at any given moment with her. The DP admits his patience is wearing thin, and the clocks' ticking down, so they move forward with the shoot. Stephanie knows her butt is on the line.

Don walks in as Stephanie gives the actors vague directions and tells them dubiously that "hopefully" they have props on the way. As Stephanie tells Don how their locations haven't panned out, Liza walks in with a couple of athletic garments and basically no problems. Don says Stephanie is taking a huge gamble by repeating old patterns and relegating Liza to inessential tasks -- if they win, she'll get all the credit, but if they lose, it's her head.

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