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I Want My FLO TV

Cut to some more eye rolling from the DP as Stephanie makes a sad attempt at directing the actors. For about the millionth time today, the DP starts the take by commanding, "All right, stop playing." That can't be a good sign. And the dialogue is indeed as cheesy and unrealistic as the blue sky set behind the actors. Liza cups her face in her hands dejectedly.

Octane is facing a time crunch as they head into the editing suite. Actor extraordinaire Clint and Steuart waste the already limited amount of time they have when they butt heads about how the ad should play. Eventually they're out of time, and they pretty much concede that their ad sucks, all, "Oh well..."

The ladies of Fortitude also realize how bad their ad is once they hit the editing room. They decide to totally drop the fake-looking sports scene and use only the office scenario for their ad. Stephanie steels herself to blame Liza entirely since she failed to secure the outdoor location. Stephanie tries to make lemonade from this lemon of a commercial, but Liza is too mortified to actively participate. She admits that she couldn't stay focused and would laugh if she saw this commercial in real life. Stephanie says Liza has dissociated herself from the task so that she can claim no blame or credit when they go down in flames. To wit, as we go to commercial, Stephanie is screaming out, "Love it!" while Liza looks like she wants to die right then and there. It's a look not unlike the DP's earlier that day, in fact.

Later, the ladies of Fortitude make their presentation. In their commercial, the office boss comments on his employees' lack of enthusiasm and energy. Somehow, he thinks giving his underlings mobile TVs so they can not do work all day will increase their productivity. Yeah, that's logical. Also? There's cheesy dancing! Stephanie explains that their commercial is about missing "the finer moments" in life because you're at work. Wow, what a winning strategy when you're on a multi-week job interview. Talk about how much work sucks and takes you away from the good parts of life. She tries to claim that having mobile TV makes people more productive both professionally and personally, but the faulty logic is so glaring it's laughable. Oh Stephanie, you are so right! This project's major flaw was Liza's failure to book a sports stadium location -- not your concept's utter lack of making sense and it's fundamentally offensive nature to employers. Trump gives a lackluster, "Very good." He dismisses them, and Stephanie gloats that she's finally been able to show her real self to him. "I have so much more than potential," she gushes, "I have talent!" To alienate and contradict yourself!

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