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I Want My FLO TV

Octane enters the room, and Steuart reads his intro off a piece of paper, which basically states that they made a commercial and which brands they showcased. Did you really need a script for that, Steuart? Their commercial has several different shots and a storyline that actually makes sense. It's miles better than Fortitude's, even after you take Clint's Silent Film Villain acting into account. The executives and Trump look much more impressed. Brandy also reads out her part of the presentation, stumbling over several easy words. Trump interjects to ask why she didn't memorize her lines, which probably numbered about two in total. To Steuart's credit, he jumps in to defend her and says they were all working down to the wire. Brandy knows she'll be in the hot seat if they don't win the challenge. And so she should be. This presentation was literally all she did the whole task, and she couldn't remember the most obvious, common sense features of mobile TV. The ones they've spent an entire day illustrating with words and images. Awesome. Trump dismisses the teammates, and Steuart leaves with an optimistic outlook.

Trump asks the executives for feedback. They agree that Fortitude's commercial had good production value and energy. She thinks the product and where to buy it were well conveyed in Octane's commercial.

Boardroom. Trump asks Steuart how he thinks his team did. He maintains a positive veneer until Trump presses about Brandy's presentation. Brandy admits she had an off day, especially in light of her performance in the modeling presentation. Trump compliments Stephanie's presentation, then asks her how things went on Fortitude. Stephanie says she wanted to disprove Liza's claims from last week and that she and Liza got along well. Trump asks Liza for confirmation, and she dances around the question. He probes further, asking who should be fired if they lose. She avoids answering again, saying they would first have to determine why they lost.

Trump launches into the blatant problem with their ad: He doesn't want his employers watching TV at work. Stephanie starts into her prepared defense about their lack of another setting, but Trump interrupts to ask who had the stupid "Watch TV at work!" idea in the first place. Stephanie admits it was her idea. Trump says it could have been a better idea if they had used the table for another purpose -- as a dinner table, say. Stephanie says pointedly, "We had no props."

Trump turns to Don for an assessment of the pros and cons of Fortitude's ad. Don reiterates that the production value and energy were good and says they had good energy. For cons, he says that the idea was flawed and didn't go with the executives' metrics or, and I quote, "well, frankly... common sense." The commercial also took too long to get to the brand. Ivanka lists the pros and cons of Octane's commercial. Pros: Brand prominence, creativity, energy, helpful purchasing info, and broad, multi-demographic appeal. Cons: Campiness and inconsistent brand messaging. With that, Trump announces the winner: Octane. As PM, Steuart has won a meeting with Cathie Black, Chairwoman of Hearst Magazines.

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