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Trump dismisses Octane and begins his inquisition of Fortitude. Trump asks Stephanie why he shouldn't fire her. She claims her resilience is growing and claims she's been able to temper her personal feelings. Trump disagrees, but Stephanie claims she wouldn't have been able to complete the task at all if she'd given in to her instincts about Liza, whom she claims is difficult. Liza insists she's not difficult but has "different ideas." Trump points out her confrontational demeanor, but she insists it's a defense mechanism because she's "always under attack." Stephanie tells her "That's life." Liza calls Stephanie out for being two-faced by claiming they got along at the beginning of this boardroom, then doing a 180 the minute she found out they lost. Stephanie says Liza didn't contribute, and Ivanka agrees that it's not the first time Liza has taken an ancillary role. She notes that it doesn't match up with how vocal Liza is in the boardroom and the fact that she's never won a task. Liza mentions how Stephanie was completed closed off to her ideas. Trump says that's not always a bad quality in a leader.

In the apartment, Steuart yells at Liza through the TV not to let Stephanie escape the boardroom.

Back in the boardroom, Liza forcefully argues that the entire reason they lost the challenge was because of Stephanie moronic concept. Trump asks Stephanie why she thinks location was so important. She turns to the lack of props. Ivanka argues that the props have to be built around the concept, so Stephanie runs around in circles until Ivanka returns to the original point that Stephanie developed a flawed concept. Don asks why the ballgame concept didn't come to fruition. Stephanie says it looked too fake but misses the chance to remind them they had to shoot it inside with the cheesy backdrop because Liza dropped the ball.

Liza jumps at the chance to point out how Stephanie directed the office scene at odds with what they mapped out earlier in the day. She says she was shocked by the changes when they got in the editing room. Trump asks if she noticed the weirdness of a person watching TV in an office meeting. She says she did and mentioned it to Stephanie. Stephanie reaches for a justification that these characters work in a "casual" office. Ivanka wonders why Stephanie didn't communicate the change in direction to Liza when she was out getting props. Stephanie insists that her changes didn't impact what props they needed and tries to bring it back to the location issue. I won't even go into the fact that you really don't need to be "on location" in an office. It's not Niagara Falls, for criminy's sake. To wit: The Office. Outsourced. Mad Men. All shows that take place in offices. I suspect they are not actually going to Scranton, Bangalore, or 1950s New York to film these shows. Stephanie, your logic sucks.

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