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Trump asks Don if Liza contributed. Don says that Liza did the role she was assigned but acknowledges that Stephanie was the entire creative force on this project. He thinks Liza flies under the radar. Liza says Don visited when she was mostly out getting props. He comments on the scant amount of props she brought back to set, even saying that clothes aren't really props. Stephanie agrees, spitting out, "I had nothing!" Trump gets riled up at that comment, insisting she had a blank canvas on which she could have projected many scenarios if she had just directed Liza correctly. At this point, the boardroom has essentially dissolved into a three-way screaming match between the two ladies and Trump.

Trump asks Liza why the sports scene failed. Liza goes back to Stephanie changing the concept, at which point Stephanie claps her fingers together, gesturing for Liza to shut her mouth. The guys upstairs let out a shocked, "Ooooooooh!" Stephanie claims she envisioned a married couple at the baseball game. Liza asks why they didn't film that. Stephanie maintains it was because of the lack of props. So you added more people to the scene? That makes sense.

Ivanka chimes in. She notes that Stephanie owns her fundamentally bad concept but says it also bothers her that Liza hasn't seemed to contribute to the concept at all. Liza explains that Stephanie shut down all her concept, such as her "mom on the go" idea. Stephanie asks curtly, "And why didn't we do that?" Liza says Stephanie didn't want it. Ivanka thinks Liza must be bad at pitching her ideas because none of them have ever been used. Liza retroactively mentions how great her idea would have been and how it would have mentioned the product name immediately. Trump picks up on this and asks why it took so long to get to the brand name. Liza agrees with his indictment but doesn't answer the question, and Stephanie basically says nothing until she implicitly takes the blame by saying she directed the commercial.

Trump finally cuts off this conversation to nowhere. He restates that, even though he has problems with Liza, Stephanie was in complete control of the project and that's why she's getting fired. The ladies leave as quickly as possible. Trump catches her on the way out, saying, "Liza, I was not happy with you one bit. You better get your act together." She promises she will. The two ladies get into their respective elevators with nary a word between them.

Stephanie leaves the building -- in a completely different outfit. Nice job, continuity editors! -- and gets into the cab. She sympathizes with other people who have worked with incompetent colleagues who can't pull their weight. She says Trump made the wrong decision, that Liza didn't follow instructions, and says there was nothing more she could have done -- "unless I could have drawn her a picture... maybe in crayon."

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